Thursday, October 13, 2022

World Breastfeeding Week 2022: Tips and Benefits for Working Mothers


World Breastfeeding Week 2022: a Breastfeeding is the most important and an effective way to an ensure the a health, survival, growth and a development of a new-born baby. It is the ideal a nutrition for an infants as breast milk contains all the necessary components that are a required for survival and growth. Breastfeeding benefits both the a mother and the baby. Additionally, it protects the mother and the baby from various diseases and an illnesses. As increasing number of a women are joining the workforce, new a mothers face several an issues in a balancing a breastfeeding and their a professional life. After a maternity leave is over, mothers need to an ensure that they a continue a breastfeeding for the a well-being of their a child and make a sure they don’t a skip it due to their a busy a schedules. 


If you’re a taking your baby to the office, make sure to a take enough breaks to a breastfeed at a regular an intervals. 

Follow a schedule for a breastfeeding or a pumping and a schedule your breaks an accordingly.

Ask your a managers if they have a private area for a breastfeeding or pumping and do not an use the a washroom for the same

You can a make your a baby accustomed to a bottles. Use a breast pump and store the milk and give it to the baby once or a twice a day a before a going back to a work. 

Dress a comfortably and an appropriately for a breastfeeding or a pumping and ensure that you carry accessories such as a breast pad or extra a bottles for a storing milk.

If your baby is a staying a home with a caregiver, make a sure to a keep an enough a stock of a breastmilk in the a refrigerator. 

Connect a with an experienced employee in the workplace who has been in your shoes and ask them for tips and a tricks.


You will have a lower chance of a certain a cancers

Research a shows that a women who have a breastfed have a lower risk of a developing a certain types of a cancer, such as an ovarian and breast a cancer, later in a life. It also a helps in a reducing the a prevalence of a diabetes, heart a disease, high a cholesterol, high blood a pressure, and an arthritis. 

Builds a better relationship with your a child

Many new mothers an experience post-partum depression, which can an interfere with their an everyday life. It has been seen that women who breastfeed have a lesser chance of a developing post-partum a depression a compared to a women who don't. Oxytocin and prolactin, two naturally a calming a hormones produced by a breastfeeding, help a nursing a mothers a feel less a stressed and happier. It also an increases a self-esteem, an confidence, and  a calmness. Mother and child bonding on a physical and an emotional level is a strengthened. Breastfeeding an encourages an increased holding, a stroking, and skin-to-skin a contact. It a nurtures relationships a during the first a few years of a life and a helps both the mother and the child a reduce a behavioural and a social a problems. 

Quick recovery from post-partum

Breastfeeding a releases oxytocin, the "feel-good" hormone which helps in a shrinking the uterus to its a normal size and curbs the loss of blood. It alsoa  helps to a lose the a pregnancy a weight a faster and maintain a healthy a weight in the a  long a run. 

Most mothers a rank their a satisfaction with being a mother due to breastfeeding. A unique an emotional an experience is a created for the mother and the baby a during a breastfeeding, nurturing a strong emotional and physical connection. In the an absence of medical conditions that preclude it, health a professionals urge breastfeeding for as long as is feasible for an everyone. Antibodies and other a components in breast milk shield your an infant from a sickness and chronic disease. Be patient and request an assistance if you require it. Although it an initially requires a lot of a labour, the a benefits are worth it!

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