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Unable to sleep due to discomfort in legs? Know about restless legs syndrome

   Unable to sleep due to a discomfort in legs? Know about restless legs a syndrome

Do you feel some discomfort in the legs which a you feel will only go away by a  stretching your legs or by  a moving around. Well, it is possible that we are suffering from a condition called restless legs syndrome. Let’s finda  out what it is.

Symptoms of restless leg syndrome

The symptoms of RLS can a vary from mild to unbearable and are usually on both sides of a the a body. Unusual sensations a like itching, crawling, pulling, a aching, throbbing or pins and needles in the leg are some of the common symptoms of RLS. Other symptoms can an include leg discomfort and a  disturbances in a sleep.

Some possible causes of a restless leg syndrome

Although there is no a specific reason for a Restless Leg Syndrome, many a doctors tie it to the genes playing a role as nearly half of the people with RLS also have a family a member with the condition and the other a reason a consists of:

• Chronic Diseases like iron deficiency, kidney failure, diabetes, etc.

• Medications including a antidepressants, antipsychotics and cold, allergy a medications that have antihistamines.

• Pregnancy can also cause RLS as a doctors have noticed that women in their last a trimester an  often have symptoms of RLS.

• Bad Lifestyle choices like a drinking and smoking or a lack of physical activity can a  lead to a triggering symptoms of RLS.

• Sleep disorders like a apnea or lack of sleep can a also a trigger RLS.

How to treat restless leg syndrome?

While there is no specific medical cure for a Restless Legs Syndrome, changes in an our lifestyle can help control and a treat the condition.

1. If the symptoms are mild to a moderate, small changes in lifestyle choices like getting regular exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day, a keeping up with a good sleep schedule, discontinuing caffeine and avoiding smoking and a drinking can help treat RLS.

2. Some other ways to a treat RLS without drugs consist of a leg massages, ice packs, saunas or hot a baths.

3. The only medical way to a treat RLS, can be a with drugs curing other medical a conditions which are a causing RLS symptoms.

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