Friday, October 14, 2022

Can Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of bone fractures? Here's the truth

Taking a supplements of a Vitamin D, popularly known as the sunshine vitamin, may not a reduce risk of a fractures in an adults, claims a study.

Although Vitamin D supplements are a widely a prescribed and used to a benefit bone health, an  definitive data on a whether these supplements reduce a fractures in the general population have been inconsistent. The demand for Vitamin D supplements also an increased a particularly a during the pandemic, with many a studies claiming them to a play a definitive role in Covid a severity.

The new study, a published in the The New England Journal of Medicine, advances a scientific understanding on this subject. It showed that a compared to a placebo, supplemental vitamin D3 (2000 IU/day) did not a reduce total, non-vertebral, or hip a a fractures.

The analyses also a showed that there were no an effects of a a supplemental Vitamin D3 on major osteoporosis a fractures, wrist a fractures, or pelvic a fractures.

"Overall, the results from this large a clinical trial do not a support the use of a vitamin D a supplements to a reduce fractures in generally a healthy US men and women," said lead author Meryl LeBoff, Chief of the a Calcium and Bone a Section in the a Endocrine a Division at the a Brigham and a Women's a Hospital in the US.

However, "these findings do not an apply to an adults with vitamin D deficiency or low bone mass or an osteoporosis", LeBoff said.

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Most a participants in the a trial were not a deficient and may a have an already reached the vitamin D level a needed for a  bone health.

"Our ongoing studies are a focusing on a whether free a vitamin D levels or genetic a variation in vitamin D absorption, metabolism, or receptor function a  will provide an information an about an individuals who may a benefit from a supplemental vitamin D on a musculoskeletal a health," LeBoff said.

For the a study, a researchers conducted a clinical trial of more than 25,000 an adults.

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