Saturday, October 2, 2021


 The death well feat is considered quite dangerous, yet the administration does not hesitate to allow it.  Sometimes one has to suffer the consequences.  One such incident happened in Bharat Bhari fair on Saturday, in which a teenager's life was saved.  However, the teenager is said to be seriously injured.  Which has been referred to the settlement.


20 Gheta , 5 Marghi

20 Gheta + 5 Marghi = 25 Matha 

20×4 = 80 Pag, 5×2= 10 pag

80+ 10 = 90 Pag.

 afternoon, 15-year-old Mohd, resident of village Rikhaya under Sonha police station.  Shahid's son Abdur Rahman had come to the fair with his two friends.  Then the program became to see the feat of the well of death.  Taking the ticket, he climbed up, where a crowd of hundreds was already present.  Meanwhile, the game of juggling inside the well started.  Some bike and some four wheelers started circling the wall of the well, sometimes down and sometimes up.  In the meantime, if some spectator had caught the money, the bike riders would bring the bike up to the top to pick it up.  During this, when the bike rider came up in an affair, Shahid also came in his grip, due to which he became severely pinched and covered in blood.  The motorcyclist was also injured.  Which the operator took and went somewhere to another place.  Here in the injured condition, after the first aid of a private doctor at Motiganj intersection, he was referred to the settlement.

 At around one o'clock in the



 The surprising thing was that the game of the well continued after the incident, the operators kept denying such an incident.  Because he was afraid that if the incident was accepted, then this business of his game would stop.  While the injured teenager said that the incident happened there.  Temporary Mela Outpost Incharge Adhar Chandra Yadav said that such an incident was not in his notice nor did anyone give any information.

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