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 There should be two scenes.  He had many queens.  During the war he was afraid to leave his queens alone.  Was she afraid that in her absence the queen would have sex with someone else?  He figured out a trick.  He made special locks that every queen wore.  The locks were designed so that the queen could not have sex with anyone even if she wanted to.  This is recorded in the pages of history.

 There were many problems after the marriage institution came.  The institution of marriage in the social system, capitalism in the economic system and democracy in the political system.  All three of these systems operate most of the world.  Although these three have significant limitations, there are many loopholes in them, so there is no other better option than this, so man manages to run or run from it.

 Now let's look at another scenario. A husband in Ahmedabad suspected that after he goes to work, his wife calls her lover at home and has sex with him.  He installed CCTV cameras in his bedroom without his wife knowing.  The suspicion came true.  The wife was caught on CCTV with her boyfriend.  The husband sued in court with the evidence.  This was reported on the pages of Ahmedabad newspapers.  In the future, it may happen that human beings find a better alternative than this.  It also accompanies technology.

 The basic question is who owns the woman's body?  The woman's own or her husband's?  This issue is very delicate and sensitive.  As Indian society is patriarchal, a woman's body is still owned by her husband.  The first point is that a woman cannot have sexual relations with another man after marriage.  (Even in the case of a man, it is assumed that there is a certain percentage exemption because he is a man.) After marriage, a woman's body becomes her husband's unfettered, unique and exclusive right.  She is the one who has sex with him.  Binds when desired.  Even if a woman has no desire for any reason, she ignores his desire and has sexual intercourse with him.  The woman cannot refuse.  He had to endure it silently.

 One of our learned elders says that a man is always ready for ejaculation.  That is the nature of it.  He also likes body sex with a woman.  A friend of ours named Natubhai Patel runs an organization in Ahmedabad whose job is to get the elders married.  He puts those who have become dosha or doshi in a green mandapa.  Most marriages succeed but some marriages fail.  The reason one marriage failed was because Doso demanded body pleasure from Dosi every day.  Dosima got bored and divorced.

 Extramarital affairs are a bitter reality because the joy that comes from such relationships is so sweet.  Post-marital relationships go back to antiquity.  Nudity was discovered on the same day as clothing was discovered.  In the same way, extramarital affairs were born on the same day that the institution of marriage came into force.  It is possible for a man or a woman to live with the same partner for life but it does not seem possible to stay with the same partner in mind and body with a few exceptions.  Psychology also denies it.

 Just as a man likes to eat different tastes, he also wants different tastes in terms of sexual pleasure.  A tribal woman said that she did not like to eat one dish a day.  "Every woman has a man in her heart who is not her husband," said Shabana Azmi.

 Extramarital affairs are a reality.  It has been around for centuries.  After marriage, a married man or a married woman tries to have a physical relationship with someone other than his or her social or legal partner.  This is an instinctive and natural thing.  People who enter a marriage institution are expected to regulate their sexuality and have sex with the same sex.  This is ideal.  Not everyone can implement that ideal.

 In many communities premarital sex is taken for granted.  In the Khedbrahma area of ​​Gujarat, there was a tradition of Gothi and Gothan that young men and women became close friends before marriage.  They can form a baroque body relationship.  Let everyone know.  Alas, in such a case, such a premarital relationship also gives birth to a child.  When the bride's back is rubbed on the bride's body, she also has a child from her friend in her lap.  The bride is rubbing her baby's back.  However, if a man or a woman has an extramarital affair after marriage, it should not be carried out at all.  Those who do so are severely punished.  It can also be a death sentence.  However, these are old stories.  Bhagwandas Patel, a writer, folklorist and activist, has succeeded in eradicating such traditions through four decades of untiring efforts.

 This was from North Gujarat.  Now let's talk about South Gujarat.  In many villages of Nizar taluka, it is customary for landlords to have sexual intercourse with the wife of their partner (a man hired for farming).  It also causes children.  In many cases landlords also name their own children as fathers.  When I told this to an elder, the elder said that what is happening there is happening secretly in the cities.  Only if there is left.  Many rich people have extramarital affairs in private.

 A wealthy male friend tells Vat that I have 25 accounts.  Many writers and poets also have such relationships instinctively.  It can also be a relationship with married women.  Some poets, writers, and orators have found it difficult to build such relationships.  And now the Supreme Court has also ruled that if both the parties do not object to each other, if there is mutual consent, it should not be called adultery.





ધોરણ ૩ થી ૮ નું આયોજન એક જ ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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 Many married women and men in the society also have open extramarital affairs.  If men are well-equipped, they also provide women with various facilities, including a home.  A recent case in Rajkot is eye-opening.  Fell in love with a married woman working at a school.  He also built a body relationship.  The husband did his schooling.  Earned a lot.  He took the flat to his girlfriend.  However, the lover was so violent that he imposed strict domination on the man.  Last Janmashtami, if the man wanted to go out with his family, he refused and threatened.  Eventually the bored man killed his girlfriend with the help of a partner.

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