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 It's complicated: what to do when no one understands us?  How did Malini's confusion go away?

 3 months ago

 It hurts when someone misunderstands us.

 There is great suffering when no one understands us.

 If we don't understand what we want, then there is a ritual pain.

 Malini is going through the same situation right now.  She was in a relationship with Malav for four years.  The two loved each other very much.  The two do not like each other and do not walk without each other.  In four years, the two had become accustomed to each other.  Both had common ideas.  Both had similar hobbies.

 The two liked each other very much.

 Once something happened that made Malve angry at Malini in a small matter.

 Malini felt strongly wrong.  She went home and cried a lot.  He could not sleep all night.  The whole pillow got wet.

 His heart was broken.  He was exactly hurt.  What is the meaning of such love?  There is no point in loving if the other person does not understand us.

 He decided to withdraw from his relationship with Malav.  He also sent a message to Malav.

 Malav, on the other hand, kept on texting and apologizing to Malini.  He also frequently texted I Love You.

 It happens to girls that boys understand me the way I want to understand them.  This is where the questions come into play.  This is where the controversy arises.

 The region of Chahat is green.  There are no exceptions.  Bursting with love.  In fact, there should be no questions in this region.  Where there are questions there is controversy.

 It is not that questions have no place in love.  That is not possible.  There are differences between two people who are in love.  That should happen too.  If that doesn't happen, it's still a way to get more involved.  Woman and man are created for each other, but they are not competitors of each other.  They don’t even own each other.

 The fact is that they complement each other.  According to Vinoba Bhave, a man and a woman should assimilate each other's qualities in order to get closer to each other.  A man should try to be a woman and a woman should try to be a man.

 The woman should aim to establish the good qualities in the man and the man should try to fill in the many good things in the woman.

 Emphasis should be placed on good qualities and good things.

 When this happens most of the complications, most of the complications are removed.

 The woman is mostly hungry for love and affection.  He longs for true love.  His psyche is bursting with emotion.  His heart is full of love so it constantly happens that someone loves him.  Someone understands his feelings.

 Tools, facilities, amenities, things more than all these, a woman needs true love.

 It is also that woman has been neglected for centuries.  It has been neglected for one reason or another.  His opinion has never been valued.  The house has been handed over to him.  It is placed between four walls.  Making the wall a wall has never given him the atmosphere to create his favorite paintings on it.  All of this went on for centuries and made the woman's psyche more confined.

 In fact, he is expecting a lot of fans.

 Malini also thought that she should be loved with a true heart.  Wisdom comes in understanding, love is needed in love.  That's why so many people say, never try to understand a woman.  No one can ever understand a woman.  Just have to love it.

 This is half true.  The woman is a kind of escape that is not understood.  It is also a kind of escapism.  Woman can be understood, but loved can be understood.  You can never understand a woman by keeping love away.  The woman has become only with love.  You can't understand a woman if you don't understand love.  If you don't know the feeling, you can't know the woman.  If you don't understand empathy and compassion, you can never find a woman.  This thing is understandable.  A woman can be understood only if she understands this thing.

 Men can understand all this after a long experience.  Once that is understood, the confusion subsides.  Once that is understood, the complications are lessened.

 Malav loved Malini with all his heart.  So he continued the dialogue by choosing the path of love.  Dialogue should never stop in the realm of love.  This happens to you if the communication network is lost or lost.  The dialogue in love should continue.

 Malve constantly tried to persuade Malini.  Rather than trying to explain it, he understood Malini.  True fans did a great job.

 Where there is true love, questions are needed, but in the end, love wins.



 Never panic if there are questions in love.  Never think of leaving the relationship immediately.  In true love, there are always questions.  Only after going through those questions does one reach a delightful region where both the characters can live life with true joy.

 Whether it is a woman or a man, to love and understand is always the wisdom in the equation to prioritize love.

 Now Malini and Malav love and understand each other.

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