Thursday, June 24, 2021

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 Nikunj is a 28-year-old young marketing consultant.  He worked for a large corporate firm.  Its routine starts with exercise at 5 am every day.  Getting proper nutrition through your diet does not have to be complicated.  As per his routine, one day at 8:30 am, Nikunj left for his office.  Ever since he took a Mercedes, he has decided to drive it himself.  About 2 km away from the house, the signal was yellow so Nikunj did not brake.  Suddenly, a speeding motorcycle came from the left side and collided with Anne's car.  The motorcycle was so fast that it came in through the car door.  Seeing such a bad accident, the crowd gathered.  The motorcyclist fainted on the spot.  Nikunj rushed the motorcyclist to the hospital.  He also got treatment for his minor and major injuries.  The motorcyclist had to be admitted and treated for 10 days, all of which was borne by Nikunj despite his own guilt.

 But Nikunj has not gone to work since the accident 2 months ago today.  He is also hesitant to leave his home.  Trying to sleep at night often leads to dreams of the same accident.  Flashbacks of the same event often occur even when awake.  Nikunj is immediately startled by any small sound, nor can he focus on anything.  For the last few times, he has started feeling less hungry.  All of these symptoms are due to a mental illness called post-traumatic stress disorder.  Any life-shaking event that happens, such as a major accident, sexual assault, assault, memories of a soldier's battle, etc., reasonably shakes us for a while.  But if the effect lasts even after a month and even in large quantities, it becomes very necessary to see a psychologist and seek treatment.

 Ask yourself or someone close to you these questions:

 Feelings about the incident come from any reminder?

 Having trouble sleeping?

 Staying in the same thoughts of the event?

 Feeling irritable or angry?

 Failures despite constant attempts to avoid thoughts about the event?

 It is still not clear whether the incident really happened or not.

 Do pictures of events often come to mind?

 Sometimes numb?

 Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally?

 If you or someone close to you is getting answers to 5 or more of the above 9 questions, you need to consult your nearest psychiatrist and seek treatment.

 Common Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

 Medications: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is treated with some special medications.  Drugs used to treat this disease, which is caused only by a deficiency of chemicals called serotonin and dopamine, work to balance the amount of this chemical.

 Psychotherapy: PTSD can be treated very effectively with psychotherapy or counseling.

 It is very important to help a member of our household to forget or digest any such incident.

 Don't judge them

 Listen quietly when they need to

 Give them a chance to express their feelings openly


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 Give them as much warmth and love as possible.

 Mindfulness happens in almost everyone's life.  The process is much easier if our family and loved ones support us in digesting these events.

 (The author is a psychiatrist and a good standup comedian)

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