Saturday, June 26, 2021

Dr. Ambedkar Awas Yojana-2021 Usful Yojana

 If you remember, Una's three sumo babies were very popular.  He was overweight and the then Chief Minister Anandiben Patel took interest and helped him in his treatment.  Now a similar case of Dhari Khichha village of Amreli district has also come to light.  Sagar, a 13-year-old son of an economically weaker family in Khichha village, weighs 140 kg.  As many as 7 loaves of bread go healthy in a day and he also has difficulty in moving.  If the family is financially weak, he has sought help from the government in reducing the child's weight.

 The unique food power of the ocean since childhood

 A family has been living in Dhari's Khichha village for the last 25 years.  The son was born in the house of Kalubhai's son.  The family was happy with the birth of a son.  The family named their Valsoy son Sagar.  Happiness was lingering in an economically weak family, but from an early age the unique food power of the sea put them in trouble.  As a result, as Sagar got older, his weight started increasing drastically with his age and at the age of 13, his weight reached 140 kg.

The ocean of weight gain cannot walk

 Sagar and his family are in trouble as they gain weight with age.  Sagar cannot even walk due to weight gain.  The financial situation is weak and this unique illness of the child has brought disaster to the family.  The working family has turned to the government for help.  The family has also demanded that the government cooperate in reducing the weight of the sea.

The body was thin when born: Grandpa

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 Sagar's grandfather Kalubha told Divyabhaskar that Sagar is my son's son.  He is 13 years old.  When Sagar was born, his body was thin but then his body kept growing.  Now his appetite was also increasing.  Now we can't give her body enough.  We seek the help of the government.  The government is my father.  We are illiterate.  This Sagar eats 7 to 8 loaves daily.

Freeze the first 3 times now freeze 2 times

 Sagar eats 8 loaves a day.  The family is devastated by the child's illness.  The family used to give three meals to Sagar but now they are giving 2 meals to reduce Sagar's weight.  However, this has not changed the weight of the sea.

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