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MDM Matter of updating and checking the number of school children on 30/6/21

 In one life man is bound by many relationships.  From birth to death, new and new relationships await him.  Every man living in a society loses the shadow of a relationship.  Man cannot be alone.  A person can roam in a favorite region called loneliness but loneliness only hurts him.  Loneliness only stings him.  That is why man created society and also created its attractive and beautiful awning with a design called relationship.

 Relationship is a green region.  A forest called Relationship keeps a man's life green and lush.  Relationships give man a cool and beautiful opportunity to express love.  Relationships give man a purpose to live.  Relationships transmit energy to a person and also give him enthusiasm.  Relationships make life interesting and even worth living.  Relationships are at the base of the colors of life.

 When a relationship is formed, man is also bound.  In fact, a man is bound by a relationship.  Every relationship has a responsibility.  Every relationship has a responsibility.  There are temporary relationships as well as permanent relationships.  Not all relationships reach their intended destination.  Not all young men and women, especially those who fall in love, can reach the goal of a loving relationship.

 Many lovers take a drastic step if they can't connect with the one they love.  There are lovers who, if they are not able to connect for life, forget about each other, get married in different places and settle down in life.  They maintain respect and love for each other.  If one cannot, they live life by accepting the situation and preserving the fragrance of love in one corner of the heart.  Many also love death that cannot be united in love.

 Many even make love infamous.  Like, a young man throws acid on his girlfriend.  Also, no one attacks.  These are not examples of true love.  True love requires dedication.  The cult of love is full of thorns.  Sometimes it happens that the one you are in love with does not get married.  So what to do  What actress Rekha did can also be done.

 Rekha and Amitabh's love affair has always been in the news.  While Amitabh is a superstar of Hindi films, Rekha is also a chosen actress.  The two have acted in many films together.  He has also made a lot of love on the screen.  Maybe even made some love in real life.  Love films succeed, but the love of life may not succeed.  What does Rekha believe about love?  Especially about her own love with Amitabh?

 The shooting of the film 'Do Anjaane' was going on.  Bonnie Srikkanth, Amitabh and Rekha were playing cards at Bonnie Srikkanth's house.  At that time, Amitabh had deliberately lost.  Why  Rekha says, "On that day, Kolkata was ablaze with Diwali lights, we were playing cards.  Amitji lost on purpose because he believed that losing in a card game could win in love. '  (Perhaps Jaya Bachchan had the pages of the order.)

 Rekha first met Amitabh at the Chennai airport.  At that time, the 90th actress Yogita Bali introduced Amitabh and Rekha.  Rekha says, ‘He didn’t talk much.  He stood politely with his hands clasped on his chest.  He answered like a yes-I and talked to me a little.  He laughed and shook his head as they parted ways after the introduction. 'Of course, Rekha was not at all impressed by Amitabh's first meeting with him.

 'At that time, when I first met Amitji, I did not find anything special in Emma.  There is nothing in his personality that impresses him that he is a great actor. '  Even though it is called 'First Impression is Last Impression' in English, it was not going to be true in the case of this successful duo of Hindi films.  This first impression of Rekha for Amitabh was going to change very quickly and Rekha was going to become 'Amitabh Bhamaya'.  "I was invited to the premiere of 'Diwar' at the Apsara Theater in Mumbai," says Rekha.  I fell in love with the man while looking at the wall in Apsara.

 In this state of mind, Rekha went to Kolkata to shoot 'Do Anjane'.  The film's protagonist Amitabh had reached Kolkata before him.  And yes, at that point he even put his finger on the doorbell of the entrance to the heart of the line.  During the shooting of the film 'Do Anjaane', Rekha started to get to know Amitabh in more depth and more closely.  The venture also ran in and out of the studio.  Rekha was stunned by his mastery of language.

 After seeing Amitabh, it occurred to Rekha that acting should not be taken lightly.  Then came the seriousness of the line.  Rekha stopped talking nonsense.  While Amitabh was acting, Rekha started observing all aspects of acting.  Became very fascinated and started imitating other features associated with acting.  He was surprised to see that acting can be done with such patience.  As the lines became more familiar with his qualities, he began to feel the pull.  Rekha's respect and love for him doubled.  Let's say that Rekha learned lessons of acting and confidence from Amitabh.

NPS બાબત ગુજરાત રાજ્ય પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષક સંઘનો લેટર

 Rekha says, 'I had to light a cigarette in one scene of the film.  I put a cigarette on my lips for the first time.  I had never touched a cigarette before.  I tried to smoke but in vain.  I started coughing.  Just then Amitji came forward.  He came to me and showed me how to press a cigarette between my lips, how to light it, how to inhale it.  He told me, ‘Take a puff and put smoke in your mouth.  Do not inhale the smoke or you will cough. '  This touched the line because I had never taught you so much with so much desire before.  No one paid attention like that. 'Then small incidents brought the two closer to each other.

MDM બાબતનો લેટર

 In particular, a wonderful change in line began with mind and action.  Rekha credits Amitabh for improving his acting.  Acting, face, makeup and personality development were all modified by Rekha to Amitabh's liking.  It is impossible to do this without a deep heart.  Rekha says, "I inadvertently, subconsciously, liked everything he said.  I started to like what he did.  Who knows, I also started wanting to be like Amitabh.  I used to think that even if I had only ten per cent of Amitabh inside me, I would believe that I have got a lot. 'Whether Jaya liked Amitabh's entry into politics or not, Rekha did not like him at all.  Rekha also expressed displeasure about this.

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