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 It is impossible to predict where and at what time the true nature of nature will be introduced.  Some people go to the dry forest and come back with despair and frustration while some bring the ultimate joy of nature with a handful. 

1. TVS iQube

 Some people are disappointed that no tiger was seen in the forest and some people enjoy every page of the book of nature with an open heart realizing that what they saw was just as important and I will soon pick such sincere people.

  Whether it is a child or an old man, I laugh out loud at the sight of this peacock performing in the dry forest of Ranthambore National Park despite the unbearable heat. Anyone, whether disappointed or sad, forgets all sorrow for a moment and for a moment  Forget yourself too.  Dude, this is the magic in nature, without it, without money, without any expectation.

2. Revolt RV 400

 Why is Ranthambore famous?

 The forest in the Vindhyachal and Aravalli mountains of Rajasthan is known for its unique geography and historical buildings.  The king of the forest, the tiger, is free here.  People come to Ranthambore National Park to easily see the tiger and most of the time they never return to the villa mouth. 

 Here you can see the magnificent palaces and buildings of the political splendor of the past standing tall in the deepest forests, on a distant hill 

3. Okinawa iPraise +

Ranthambore National Park, located at a distance of 13 km from Sawai Madhopur, is a wonderful forest spread over an area of ​​about 400 sq km and spread over ten different zones.  Here a variety of animals, birds of prey, crocodiles of crocodile species, migratory birds, etc. combine to create a captivating natural environment.

 History and geography of Ranthambore

 In the time of the kingdoms, this natural resource was owned by the Jaipur Royal Family and was then a favorite place of the kings and the British for hunting activity.  After independence, Sawai Madhopur was developed as a Game Century by the Government of India after acquiring the property in 1955 and was declared a protected area as Ranthambore Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger in 1971 and declared a National Park in 1980.  The National Park is divided into six main zones and four buffer zones. 

4. Hero Photon HX

 There are lakes and water sources built during the kingdom.  So, tigers and other animals can be easily seen.  Hunting lodges have been set up at various places in the forest and magnificent hunting lodges have also been set up.  The same windmills that were once used to hunt tigers are now used to hunt tigers!  There are lakes like Padam Lake, Malek Lake and Rajbagh, which are very convenient places for tigers to live.

 Safari in Ranthambore

 Nature has something for everyone.  Today, in Prime Zone-3 of Ranthambore National Park, after waiting for about an hour for the tigers named 'Riddhi' and 'Arrowhead', 

5. Hero Optima ER (double battery)

the madam escaped.  Every corner of the whole forest turned again but despair ... Finally a gypsy was taken to Rajbagh lake to get out without taking a single photograph that maybe Riddhi would come and go there, but he didn't come there either.  Standing there waiting for another half hour again and suddenly nature introduced nature in different colors.  


અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ અને જાણો સ્કૂટર ના ભાવ

The hunting ground of Rajbagh Lake was being touched by the setting sun, a herd of herons on a tree standing in the middle of the lake came to rest after a day of flying and the beautiful color of the evening blossomed and the whole lake was covered with gold foil.

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Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) Usfuk Requirement Posts 2021.

 I remember the scene I saw in a small village a few years ago today.  Whether there is a new film in the village, a vaccination program or a vasectomy camp or any new or old one.  The one whose voice is dominant in the village carries a loudspeaker in a horse-drawn carriage or an open jeep and announces all the programs in the streets of the village and the villagers become aware of the news.  Now the dialogue with the people has remained the same but the means have changed.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  That is why there is a need for a medium of communication that people can do while doing other things like weaving bread, driving, cutting hair in a beauty salon or sitting on the toilet seat!  The podcast came as a strong synonym for this dialogue .. !!

 Is this a podcast that is currently gaining popularity as a synonym for potty voices?  Podcasts are technically a file of spoken words that listeners can download to a device they like, such as a mobile phone, and listen to when they have time.  Podcasts usually have one or more hosts discussing a topic, giving their opinion, and you can download it to your favorite device and listen to it live.

 Now the question may be, what is the use of podcasts when there are communication mediums like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.?  So the answer is why not a podcast?  The benefits are many.  On the one hand, through podcasts, a person can express his views on various topics such as politics, films, culture, sports, science, music, literature in his own voice and through this his influence in different social and political or cultural circles.  And presence can arise.  In addition, podcasts are proving to be very effective for networking and increasing resources.  Podcasts bring you in touch with like-minded people, which can be very useful to you professionally.  In short you get a stage from where you can effectively present your opinion on any topic.

 There are other reasons for the popularity and use of podcasts.  You can also listen to the podcast while driving a car, making bread or walking on a treadmill.  This way you can multitask while listening to the podcast.  Which is a very precious thing in a sunny way.  The second podcast covers different topics, which helps you build consensus.

 Podcasts are a medium of performing arts so if there is a good podcaster, he can present the whole thing in a very entertaining way and thus the analysis of any news or opinion or event does not become boring.  Thus, if there is a voice and talent, a whole career option arises through the podcast.

 Creating a podcast usually costs very little and is mostly broadcast for free.  However, podcasters can monetize commercial companies by giving them advertising slots.  They can also get listeners through crowdfunding websites like Patrain, which provide content to listeners in exchange for a fee.  Thus podcasting is also a good option in terms of career.

 The naming of the podcast and the history of its discovery is just as interesting as listening to the podcast.  Podcast is a combination of the word iPod and Broadcast.  The originator of the word is the English newspaper The Guardian and the BBC's Ben Hammersley.  Even though the word podcast has an iPod, you can listen to it through a podcast, a computer or any mobile device that can play a media file.

 The podcast is Dan of America.  Currently most podcasts are done by Britishers and Americans.  It also has currencies in Canada and Australia.  Matbar magazines like Time Magazine also recommend a good podcast channel.  So let's take a look at some of the best podcast channels:

 (1) 1619: The name of the podcast channel is 1619.  As the name implies, history is being talked about here.  This podcast also talks about the slavery practice in America at one time and also about the Civil War.  Interesting stories from the history of American music can be heard here.  Writers from the New York Times also participate in podcasts here.

 (2) 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: The name is interesting.  If America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure is to comment on people with dark skin.  The policy of apartheid is still not gone.  So here are two bachelor girls weaving racist stories into cultural information with a smile.

General Information of Various Post :

Advertisement Publisher : Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC)

Post Name :  Apprentice

Number of Total Posts : 130

 (3) Beer Brook: This is the CID of the podcast.  Here are the criminal cases that have sparked controversy since 1985.  No theft has been solved or no killer has been caught.  Unclaimed bodies have been found and then mysterious secrets have been revealed.  Make this podcast fun for anyone who likes crime-thriller.

Important Date :

Application Last Date : 08/07/2021

Advertisement :

Advertisement : Click Here 

 (4) Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People: The format of this podcast show is fun.  Here in every episode someone is interviewed.  The identity of the person being interviewed should be kept confidential.  Then for an hour he can do whatever he wants in his life.  Homosexuals also speak for themselves, and survivors of mass shootings also tell their stories.  The listener is soaked in the feelings of strangers with the utmost attention.  This is the fun of podcasting.

 (5) The Birth Hour: Here we are talking about pregnancy, motherhood and delivery at birth.  Every pregnancy has a different story.  Everyone has different experiences.  It is shared in this podcast channel.  As well, for those who are going to be in for the first time, here is the necessary guidance and health tips.  This is a favorite podcast channel for newlyweds.

 Millions of people around the world were fans of the podcast at one time.  Today millions of people have become his darlings.  Apart from the eye, the ear is a medium that can shape a person.  In short, radio is an ear school if the podcast is an ear college.

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Download Usful Std. 3 to 8 Swadhyay Pothi (New) now for free

 The batsman has fun when he gets an extra run without doing anything.  The bowler is disappointed, ‘Why can’t I maintain line and length?’ When this wide ball falls, the umpires have to stretch their arms and the bowler has to go to the run-up and get ready to bowl one more ball in the over.  But did you know that at the 1999 Cricket World Cup, a British company called 'Sporting Index', which specializes in sports spreads betting on every wide, shed tears of blood.  Every Way M's Hai was beaten as if all the injustice in the world was happening to him.

 What is Sports Spreads Betting?

 Before I tell you about the whole event, you need to have a brief idea about sports spreads betting.  How does it work and how do people lose or earn money?  Well, let's say the total number of runs that Virat Kohli will score in 5 matches in the ongoing India-England ODI series is 320-370.  Punter Buy (buys) 370 runs.  That means they invest in Kohli's 370+ runs.  Punter sells 320 runs.  That means they are betting that Kohli will score less than 320 runs.  The company has many such deals and if Kohli runs between 320 and 370, then they feel like a jackpot.  Overall the company is less likely to lose money, while the household is more likely to lose outright.

 Estimated wide around 250

 In 1999, when the World Cup was being played in England after 16 years, the Sporting Index estimated the width at around 250 in the tournament.  A total of 42 matches were to be played and the company was running at an average of 5-7 wides per match, keeping in mind the previous records.  Just as we gave the example of total runs in a series like Kohli's case, the Sporting Index gave a spread of 244-247 throughout the World Cup.

 Kookaburra was replaced by Dukes Ball

 Before the tournament, it was decided that the matches would be played by Dukes Ball instead of Kookaburra.  "The ball will behave the same way in all matches," said British Cricket Balls Ltd, the manufacturer.

 250+ w in the first 10 matches only

 The World Cup kicked off on 14 May 1999 with an England-Sri Lanka match.  A total of 21 wickets fell in the first match.  Everyone felt bad bowling.  This was a one-off match, in all the matches the teams will bowl a little without such discipline?  Well, that's what happened.  The 9th match of the tournament was between India and Pakistan, in which a total of 55 wickets fell!  The 10th match was between Pakistan and Scotland, in which 50 overs fell even though 90 overs were not lost.  250+ w in the first 10 matches only.  The name of the spreader of 244-247 wide Ram in the 42 match tournament is Satya Hai.

 Match record at highest wide

 The 1999 World Cup was the only tournament in which the Dukes ball was used.  The ball was swinging a lot in England's helpful condition.  The bowlers could not control the ball.  The match was recorded at the highest wide in the tournament.  In the 1999 World Cup, there were 20.05 wickets per match.  Second on the list is the 2015 World Cup with 13.94 wides per match.

 Loss of more than 50 3.50 lakh

 Where the Sporting Index had a spreader of 244-247 w, the tournament fell almost 4 times ... 979 w.  The Sporting Index lost more than 50 3.50 million overall.

 Guessing in cricket is harmful

 From this story, we learn that it is wrong to talk about guessing in cricket when the guess of the batting company may be so wrong.  In the recent limited overs, India lost the toss in three consecutive matches (2 T-20 and 1 ODI) under the slogan 'Win the toss, field, win the match' and scored the winning hat trick by defending the target in all the three matches.  Condition and external factor are part of the game, not the impact.  Sometimes the impact is such that England fall into a tournament 4 times wider than the average per ODI.  But in the end, victory or defeat is decided on the basis of skill and guessing cannot be a skill!  Don't you understand

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MDM Matter of updating and checking the number of school children on 30/6/21

 In one life man is bound by many relationships.  From birth to death, new and new relationships await him.  Every man living in a society loses the shadow of a relationship.  Man cannot be alone.  A person can roam in a favorite region called loneliness but loneliness only hurts him.  Loneliness only stings him.  That is why man created society and also created its attractive and beautiful awning with a design called relationship.

 Relationship is a green region.  A forest called Relationship keeps a man's life green and lush.  Relationships give man a cool and beautiful opportunity to express love.  Relationships give man a purpose to live.  Relationships transmit energy to a person and also give him enthusiasm.  Relationships make life interesting and even worth living.  Relationships are at the base of the colors of life.

 When a relationship is formed, man is also bound.  In fact, a man is bound by a relationship.  Every relationship has a responsibility.  Every relationship has a responsibility.  There are temporary relationships as well as permanent relationships.  Not all relationships reach their intended destination.  Not all young men and women, especially those who fall in love, can reach the goal of a loving relationship.

 Many lovers take a drastic step if they can't connect with the one they love.  There are lovers who, if they are not able to connect for life, forget about each other, get married in different places and settle down in life.  They maintain respect and love for each other.  If one cannot, they live life by accepting the situation and preserving the fragrance of love in one corner of the heart.  Many also love death that cannot be united in love.

 Many even make love infamous.  Like, a young man throws acid on his girlfriend.  Also, no one attacks.  These are not examples of true love.  True love requires dedication.  The cult of love is full of thorns.  Sometimes it happens that the one you are in love with does not get married.  So what to do  What actress Rekha did can also be done.

 Rekha and Amitabh's love affair has always been in the news.  While Amitabh is a superstar of Hindi films, Rekha is also a chosen actress.  The two have acted in many films together.  He has also made a lot of love on the screen.  Maybe even made some love in real life.  Love films succeed, but the love of life may not succeed.  What does Rekha believe about love?  Especially about her own love with Amitabh?

 The shooting of the film 'Do Anjaane' was going on.  Bonnie Srikkanth, Amitabh and Rekha were playing cards at Bonnie Srikkanth's house.  At that time, Amitabh had deliberately lost.  Why  Rekha says, "On that day, Kolkata was ablaze with Diwali lights, we were playing cards.  Amitji lost on purpose because he believed that losing in a card game could win in love. '  (Perhaps Jaya Bachchan had the pages of the order.)

 Rekha first met Amitabh at the Chennai airport.  At that time, the 90th actress Yogita Bali introduced Amitabh and Rekha.  Rekha says, ‘He didn’t talk much.  He stood politely with his hands clasped on his chest.  He answered like a yes-I and talked to me a little.  He laughed and shook his head as they parted ways after the introduction. 'Of course, Rekha was not at all impressed by Amitabh's first meeting with him.

 'At that time, when I first met Amitji, I did not find anything special in Emma.  There is nothing in his personality that impresses him that he is a great actor. '  Even though it is called 'First Impression is Last Impression' in English, it was not going to be true in the case of this successful duo of Hindi films.  This first impression of Rekha for Amitabh was going to change very quickly and Rekha was going to become 'Amitabh Bhamaya'.  "I was invited to the premiere of 'Diwar' at the Apsara Theater in Mumbai," says Rekha.  I fell in love with the man while looking at the wall in Apsara.

 In this state of mind, Rekha went to Kolkata to shoot 'Do Anjane'.  The film's protagonist Amitabh had reached Kolkata before him.  And yes, at that point he even put his finger on the doorbell of the entrance to the heart of the line.  During the shooting of the film 'Do Anjaane', Rekha started to get to know Amitabh in more depth and more closely.  The venture also ran in and out of the studio.  Rekha was stunned by his mastery of language.

 After seeing Amitabh, it occurred to Rekha that acting should not be taken lightly.  Then came the seriousness of the line.  Rekha stopped talking nonsense.  While Amitabh was acting, Rekha started observing all aspects of acting.  Became very fascinated and started imitating other features associated with acting.  He was surprised to see that acting can be done with such patience.  As the lines became more familiar with his qualities, he began to feel the pull.  Rekha's respect and love for him doubled.  Let's say that Rekha learned lessons of acting and confidence from Amitabh.

NPS બાબત ગુજરાત રાજ્ય પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષક સંઘનો લેટર

 Rekha says, 'I had to light a cigarette in one scene of the film.  I put a cigarette on my lips for the first time.  I had never touched a cigarette before.  I tried to smoke but in vain.  I started coughing.  Just then Amitji came forward.  He came to me and showed me how to press a cigarette between my lips, how to light it, how to inhale it.  He told me, ‘Take a puff and put smoke in your mouth.  Do not inhale the smoke or you will cough. '  This touched the line because I had never taught you so much with so much desire before.  No one paid attention like that. 'Then small incidents brought the two closer to each other.

MDM બાબતનો લેટર






 In particular, a wonderful change in line began with mind and action.  Rekha credits Amitabh for improving his acting.  Acting, face, makeup and personality development were all modified by Rekha to Amitabh's liking.  It is impossible to do this without a deep heart.  Rekha says, "I inadvertently, subconsciously, liked everything he said.  I started to like what he did.  Who knows, I also started wanting to be like Amitabh.  I used to think that even if I had only ten per cent of Amitabh inside me, I would believe that I have got a lot. 'Whether Jaya liked Amitabh's entry into politics or not, Rekha did not like him at all.  Rekha also expressed displeasure about this.

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School Merge Related New Letter

 The biggest problem with our education system is that only success stories are taught.  Children are taught from an early age to simply celebrate success and take failure as a disappointment.  Failure means game over?  No brother no, everything is a game of our mindset and the guidance received from the guru at an early age plays an important role in the mindset.  At present, the Indian team is performing well in all formats.  This is not because our bench strength is strong.  The reason is that the young players sitting on the bench are setting foot in international cricket with smooth transition.  He doesn't see any difference in domestic and international and what if I fail? ... His hands do not tremble at the thought.

 Behind the scenes, Rahul Dravid has played a crucial role in this.  Suryakumar Yadav, Ishaan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Shubhaman Gill, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, T.  Natarajan, Mohammad Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Prithvi Show, etc. etc.  Everyone had a good time with Rahul while playing for the National Cricket Academy (NCA) or earlier India Under-19 or India-A.  Then he has got the guidance that when you get a chance, don't take advantage of it with both hands, but if you miss it, it is not like you missed the last train of life.  The obsession with success is reasonable but it is very wrong to stick to one song.  You know how to live life if you know how to avoid over-thinking or over-excitement.  So today we will talk about failure in cricket and take an example from the life of Rahul Dravid.

 Through Failure you can learn more about yourself

 Called The Wall and Mr Dependable, he said of Failure in 2017, "First of all, I qualify to speak about Failure.  I batted for India 604 times out of which 410 times I could not cross 50 runs.  I'm more a failure than a success and when you fail you usually start a blame game.  But failure is actually a good opportunity, in which you can learn better by exploring yourself.

 Fail Better Everytime

 It is important to learn to fail better each time.  That is to say, if you learn to fail better, you will move forward on the path of progress.  "A player who has failed abroad can say that the situation was not in my favor.  Could not adapt to the situation.  If India have 6 Tests to play now and 3 of them are against Sri Lanka, then my average will go back up and it won't matter. '  Well this is the same ideology in which the player is looking for an immediate escape window instead of enjoying and learning from the failure.  You may remember the India-Australia Eden Gardens test, in which we dusted off the kangaroo after we followed on.  Before that match, our car was defeated in Mumbai and Dravid was going through bad form.  In that follow-on innings, he was demoted to sixth.  Kangaroo captain Steve Waugh then commented, "Dravid, are you sixth?  Wow, then at number 12 in the next match. '  "Let me see how many balls I can play," Dravid said to himself.  He focused on focusing on the simple thing.  Focused on the simple thing.  Failure did not attempt to escape from the bicycle.  And you know M rest is history.

 Biggest failure

 In cricket, batting, bowling and fielding are seen as the measure of a player's success.  How many runs scored, how many averaged.  How many wickets taken, what is the bowling strike rate, what is the average.  So then the same criteria for failure.  According to Cricinfo's last updated data for 2017, there are 25 players who have not scored a single run or taken a single wicket in their Test career.  This means that if he played international cricket as a batsman, he could not open an account during his entire career and if he played as a bowler, he could not take a wicket.  This includes one Indian.  The player is T.  Shekhar.  Known as the fastest bowler in the country in the 1980s, Shekhar played 2 Tests for India, both against Pakistan.  Not a single wicket in front of his name.  Never again did India get a chance to play Tests.  Wicketless career.  But did it prove to be an end of career?  No, he served as Chief Bowling Coach at MRF Pace Foundation for many years and also as Manager at Delhi Daredevils for 6 to 7 years.  No one remembers him as a coach and Delhi has yet to become champions.  But u c, this is called Fail Better Everytime.  Failure is not a foolstop.  Failure is a coma.  Pause but don't break.

 Failure to prioritize failure in Australian sports culture

 Mike Hussey of Australia, known as Mr Cricket, made his Test debut at the age of 30 and then played 79 Tests, scoring 6235 runs at an average of 51.53.  There is no doubt that he has not been disappointed with the opportunity he has had in international cricket for 30 years.  Another reason is that, until 2011, one of the criteria for selection to the Across Sports National team in Australia was a player who had a bad season in domestic and then needed a great comeback.  Not only were such players selected, but yes they were given high priority.  Australia, as a sporting country, believes in sports psychologists and the theory is that a player who can deal with failure as a normal part of life / game is a more suitable candidate to go ahead and become a non-stop hit at the international level.




 Not so total but also natural photos

 Usually we don't see Dravid losing his temper.  Not sticking to one's own process and displaying against the image is also a small part of failure.  The whole thing about failure would be incomplete if we did not show Dravid indiscipline.  He is a successful coach because he has survived every phase.  Success simply doesn't teach you anything but what it feels like to be on top.  When the feeling of failure, despair and not crossing the finish line completes you as a man and rise from that phase and make a name, you become great all the time.  At the end of the day defeat-win is part of the game.  But no one says or explains that losing is normal.  Our education system ...

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Matter of keeping primary school time in the

 A young woman got married and came to her father-in-law.  The in-laws were already in heaven, so it was the newlyweds' responsibility to save the mother-in-law.  The mother-in-law had a habit of talking.  The girl who got married didn't like it at all.  Vahu got bored in a few months due to constant tuk tuk of mother-in-law.  The girl came to stay at Em's pier for a few days.  The mother, seeing her daughter's face, guessed that she had a problem with her in-laws, so she called her daughter in private and asked her to talk to her.  The daughter said everything and then said, 'Mommy, I feel like I can't stay in that house for long anymore.  I am so bored listening to my mother-in-law's tuk tuk morning and evening.  It often happens to me that I will kill my mother-in-law or I will die. '

 The mother explained to the daughter, 'Son.  We don't want to die, we want to kill our mother-in-law, but if you do, it will be your turn to spend your life in jail.  I will show you a way to kill your mother-in-law and not make any accusations against you. '  The girl said, 'Mommy tell me the solution soon.'  The mother said to her daughter in a soft voice, 'I will give you a medicine.  It is a slow poison.  Put a little bit in your mother-in-law's food every day so that after six months your mother-in-law will die from the effect and no one will even suspect you. '  The next day the mother gave her daughter a medicine.  My daughter Rajini was red that all my problems would be solved in six months.

 When the daughter said goodbye to her father-in-law, the mother said to her, 'Son, you have to take care of a special thing.  During these six months, you should be an ideal bride.  Let your mother-in-law listen to everything you do.  Let everything be tolerated.  Never speak against it and serve it all like a wise bride.  So, everyone thinks that you have no hand in the death of your mother-in-law.  Even so, you only have to do this play for six months. '  From the next day when the father-in-law came, the bride changed completely.  In the first conversation, instead of being in front of her mother-in-law, she started serving her mother-in-law a lot.  Even if the mother-in-law speaks badly, she listens with love and responds to the mother-in-law with a smile.  Dress according to the wishes of the mother-in-law, cook whatever the mother-in-law likes.  Vahu's change began to affect her mother-in-law as well.  The mother-in-law started liking Vahu now.  Instead of praising Vahu, his mother-in-law started praising Vahu in the neighborhood.  In a short time, he stopped ticking.  Now, at home, Vahu started getting all the relaxation and freedom.  Wahu liked this change of mother-in-law very much.  The mother-in-law who used to hate her now loves her.  She was devastated by the thought that her mother-in-law would die in a few months.

 Pierre went and said to his mother, 'Mommy, my mother-in-law has changed completely.  Loves me so much  I want him to live very long now.  Show me some medicine that will make this poison non-effective. '  Mom smiled and said, 'Son, I am in you and I am always thinking of your bright future.  I never gave you poison.  It was just a tonic.  I knew that if you changed yourself, your mother-in-law would change automatically. '  If we want to change someone, we must first change ourselves.  If you want others to live as you wish, you must first learn to live as others wish.

 Stephen Covey has a very nice book.  'The seven habits of highly effective people.'  This book has been translated into many languages.  The book is trained by employees of the world's top 500 companies handling key responsibilities.  The author of the book is not among us today but gives a vision to look at life differently from the wonderful ideas he put in the book.  In this book the author talks about emotional bank accounts.  According to the author, all the people we come in contact with have an emotional account of our name in their hearts.  Just as the balance of money in a bank account fluctuates, so does the balance of our speech and behavior fluctuate in this emotional bank account.  When I come in contact with my family members, it means that all the members have an account of my name in their heart and the balance in my name's account fluctuates in the heart of that member according to what I say or do.  It sounds very simple but it is worth understanding carefully.

 If you want to withdraw any amount from the bank, you have to deposit the amount first.  Withdrawal facility is not available till the amount is deposited.  When withdrawing any amount from the bank, one has to check first how much amount is deposited as it is not possible to withdraw more than the amount deposited.  If you have a deposit of Rs 1 lakh in the bank and you write a check of Rs 50,000 against it, your check will be approved immediately but if you write a check of Rs 2 lakh against a deposit of Rs 1 lakh, the check will come back.  We consider a person who writes a check for more than the amount deposited to be a fool, but we ourselves do such a foolish thing when it comes to relationships.  Before any family member has any expectations, it should be checked whether there is any balance in the emotional account of my name opened in their heart.  If the balance is not enough and you write a check for a relatively large amount, it is natural that the check will be returned.


પ્રાથમિક શાળાના સમય બાબત પંચમહાલ નો લેટર  વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો


શાળાઓના સમય બાબતના  ન્યૂઝ-1 વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

શાળાઓના સમય બાબતના  ન્યૂઝ-2 વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 If we wish that my check be approved (meaning that the family member I meet is expected to be fulfilled) then we should deposit the sufficient balance first and then write the check.  If we want the other person to believe what we say, we must first obey the other person.  It often happens to us that why don't the rest of the family believe me?  Now, if this happens, understand that the person in front of you has written a check bigger than the balance in the heart of the emotional account of your name.  Creating a sufficient balance first and then writing a check will never return the check.  We must change ourselves to change others.  When we change ourselves, others will also change.

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Is alcohol your slave or you? Find out if you are addicted to alcohol by answering 10 questions !!

 Manoj is a forty-year-old family man, a well-known chartered accountant.  Due to the ban on alcohol in our state, people do not consume alcohol in social life.  

But a lot of research says that Gujarat consumes as much alcohol as any other state or even more.  There is no domestic or foreign brand in Gujarat.  People who have the skills and reach know how to manage licenses.  Manojbhai has also arranged the license well.  So whenever he wants to party, he can do it officially.

 Manojbhai's wife comes to the psychiatrist and says that Manojbhai's alcohol consumption has increased a lot in the last two-and-a-half years.  But whenever someone from the family says something to him, his only answer is' Yes, I have a hobby..but I am not addicted to alcohol..I use alcohol..to manage stress..not alcohol.  '  What to do now?

 If someone in your home consumes alcohol, ask them these questions:

 How often do you drink alcohol?

 (0) Never

 (1) One or less times a month

 (2) 2 to 4 times a month

 (3) 2 to 3 times a week

 (4) 4 or more times a week

 How many alcoholic beverages do you drink on a normal day?

 (0) 1 or 2

 (1) 3 or 4

 (2) 5 or 6

 (3) 7, 8, or 9

 (4) 10 or more

 How often do you drink six or more drinks at a time?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 How many times during the last year have you noticed that once you started drinking you couldn't stop?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 How many times during the past year have you failed to do what was normally expected of you due to drinking?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 How many times during the last year did you need a drink before morning to fully awaken yourself after a long period of drinking?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 How many times during the past year have you felt guilty or remorseful after drinking?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 How many times during the last year have you not been able to remember what happened the next night because of your drinking?

 (0) Never

 (1) Less than once a month

 (2) Once a month

 (3) Once a week

 (4) Every day or almost every day

 Have you or anyone else been injured by your drinking?

 (0) No.

 (2) Yes, but not in the last year

 (4) Yes, during the last year

 Has a relative or friend or doctor or other health worker been concerned about your drinking or suggested that you drink less?

 (0) No.

 (2) Yes, but not in the last year

 (4) Yes, during the last year

 If his score is 8 or more then it is a sign of danger and if his score is more than 15 then it is definitely called addiction.

FM Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman will address a Press Conference today, 28th June,2021 at 3PM in New Delhi.



મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા અંગેના ન્યુઝ વાંચવા અહીં કિલક કરો


રાજ્યના કર્મચારીઓને મોંઘવારી ભથ્થુંની ચુકવણી કરવા બાબત રજૂઆત વાંચવા લાયક

 Alcoholism is one of the major evils and challenges of our society.  A person who is addicted to alcohol must first feel that he is addicted.  This step is called intervention.  In the intervention, all the loved ones have to come together and lovingly and calmly tell the person that alcohol consumption is increasing and this has a detrimental effect on their health and the lives of their loved ones and 'we are very worried about you.'

 Mind: Addiction to alcohol or anything is the same disease as diabetes or hypertension.  It is very important to treat it correctly and scientifically.  We must stay away from misconceptions and hypocrites.

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Sunday, June 27, 2021


 There should be two scenes.  He had many queens.  During the war he was afraid to leave his queens alone.  Was she afraid that in her absence the queen would have sex with someone else?  He figured out a trick.  He made special locks that every queen wore.  The locks were designed so that the queen could not have sex with anyone even if she wanted to.  This is recorded in the pages of history.

 There were many problems after the marriage institution came.  The institution of marriage in the social system, capitalism in the economic system and democracy in the political system.  All three of these systems operate most of the world.  Although these three have significant limitations, there are many loopholes in them, so there is no other better option than this, so man manages to run or run from it.

 Now let's look at another scenario. A husband in Ahmedabad suspected that after he goes to work, his wife calls her lover at home and has sex with him.  He installed CCTV cameras in his bedroom without his wife knowing.  The suspicion came true.  The wife was caught on CCTV with her boyfriend.  The husband sued in court with the evidence.  This was reported on the pages of Ahmedabad newspapers.  In the future, it may happen that human beings find a better alternative than this.  It also accompanies technology.

 The basic question is who owns the woman's body?  The woman's own or her husband's?  This issue is very delicate and sensitive.  As Indian society is patriarchal, a woman's body is still owned by her husband.  The first point is that a woman cannot have sexual relations with another man after marriage.  (Even in the case of a man, it is assumed that there is a certain percentage exemption because he is a man.) After marriage, a woman's body becomes her husband's unfettered, unique and exclusive right.  She is the one who has sex with him.  Binds when desired.  Even if a woman has no desire for any reason, she ignores his desire and has sexual intercourse with him.  The woman cannot refuse.  He had to endure it silently.

 One of our learned elders says that a man is always ready for ejaculation.  That is the nature of it.  He also likes body sex with a woman.  A friend of ours named Natubhai Patel runs an organization in Ahmedabad whose job is to get the elders married.  He puts those who have become dosha or doshi in a green mandapa.  Most marriages succeed but some marriages fail.  The reason one marriage failed was because Doso demanded body pleasure from Dosi every day.  Dosima got bored and divorced.

 Extramarital affairs are a bitter reality because the joy that comes from such relationships is so sweet.  Post-marital relationships go back to antiquity.  Nudity was discovered on the same day as clothing was discovered.  In the same way, extramarital affairs were born on the same day that the institution of marriage came into force.  It is possible for a man or a woman to live with the same partner for life but it does not seem possible to stay with the same partner in mind and body with a few exceptions.  Psychology also denies it.

 Just as a man likes to eat different tastes, he also wants different tastes in terms of sexual pleasure.  A tribal woman said that she did not like to eat one dish a day.  "Every woman has a man in her heart who is not her husband," said Shabana Azmi.

 Extramarital affairs are a reality.  It has been around for centuries.  After marriage, a married man or a married woman tries to have a physical relationship with someone other than his or her social or legal partner.  This is an instinctive and natural thing.  People who enter a marriage institution are expected to regulate their sexuality and have sex with the same sex.  This is ideal.  Not everyone can implement that ideal.

 In many communities premarital sex is taken for granted.  In the Khedbrahma area of ​​Gujarat, there was a tradition of Gothi and Gothan that young men and women became close friends before marriage.  They can form a baroque body relationship.  Let everyone know.  Alas, in such a case, such a premarital relationship also gives birth to a child.  When the bride's back is rubbed on the bride's body, she also has a child from her friend in her lap.  The bride is rubbing her baby's back.  However, if a man or a woman has an extramarital affair after marriage, it should not be carried out at all.  Those who do so are severely punished.  It can also be a death sentence.  However, these are old stories.  Bhagwandas Patel, a writer, folklorist and activist, has succeeded in eradicating such traditions through four decades of untiring efforts.

 This was from North Gujarat.  Now let's talk about South Gujarat.  In many villages of Nizar taluka, it is customary for landlords to have sexual intercourse with the wife of their partner (a man hired for farming).  It also causes children.  In many cases landlords also name their own children as fathers.  When I told this to an elder, the elder said that what is happening there is happening secretly in the cities.  Only if there is left.  Many rich people have extramarital affairs in private.

 A wealthy male friend tells Vat that I have 25 accounts.  Many writers and poets also have such relationships instinctively.  It can also be a relationship with married women.  Some poets, writers, and orators have found it difficult to build such relationships.  And now the Supreme Court has also ruled that if both the parties do not object to each other, if there is mutual consent, it should not be called adultery.





ધોરણ ૩ થી ૮ નું આયોજન એક જ ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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 Many married women and men in the society also have open extramarital affairs.  If men are well-equipped, they also provide women with various facilities, including a home.  A recent case in Rajkot is eye-opening.  Fell in love with a married woman working at a school.  He also built a body relationship.  The husband did his schooling.  Earned a lot.  He took the flat to his girlfriend.  However, the lover was so violent that he imposed strict domination on the man.  Last Janmashtami, if the man wanted to go out with his family, he refused and threatened.  Eventually the bored man killed his girlfriend with the help of a partner.

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Basic course training of disaster risk management for teachers

 Inflation is on the rise all around, business jobs have come to a standstill during the Corona period and at the same time the rates of various savings schemes ranging from FDs are being reduced day by day by the banks.  At such a time, stock markets around the world are seeing a boom.  Even in India, many people have jumped into the flowing Ganges to wash their hands, especially millennials.  Under normal circumstances, it is important to invest in mutual funds or equities to sustain savings against rising inflation.  The current FD interest rate is barely 5.5% when you book for 5 years.  If inflation rises to 5-7%, your savings will not work.

 But how to invest in the stock market?  Many people seek the advice of professional financial planners, while some people invest in the market by doing their own research because they are knowledgeable.  Share prices of some companies are skyrocketing in the stock market these days.  The prices of many companies have increased eight to ten times in the last one year.  Regular investors must know what these companies do.  What is the profit of the company?  How much is the damage?  How much to invest?  How much debt does the company owe?  How many shares of the company do the owners own?  Where does the owner of the company pledge his shares?  All of these things contribute to the rise and fall of the share price.  The process of sifting through all these things is called fundamental analysis.  Fundamental means basic analysis.  Fundamental Analysis is the analysis of the basics of a company's business or operations.

 Chart and technical analysis is very prevalent in the stock market through Twitter and other social media.  But doing a fundamental analysis before investing in any company is more rewarding in the long run.  Fundamental analysis helps in determining the fair value of a company's stock.

 Just like to know how your health is, the doctor checks your blood pressure, diabetes, weight, body temperature and based on all these statistics, declares whether your health is good or not.  Similarly, a fundamental analysis is done to find out whether a company is in good health or not.  The value of the company is determined on this basis.  Are companies undervalued or overvalued?  Which is appropriate to buy shares of the company at that time?  Isn't the share price of the company much higher than the value of the company?  Fundamental analysis is very important to know all this.  There are three main points to consider for a fundamental analysis.  Financial reports i.e. balance sheet, profit loss account, cash on hand, inward and outward account i.e. cash flow statement.  The second is the company's earnings.  How much the company has earned in each quarter and how much it is likely to earn in the future i.e. future projections.  The third is the financial ratio, which includes earnings per share.  Earnings per share i.e. EPS, PE ratio, debt to equity ratio etc. are included.  These are all technical terms.  But with a little research, you will find the simplest meaning of all these words on the Internet.

 There are also frequent scams in the stock market.  That is why most people stay away from the market calling it gambling, paper horses.  Fundamental analysis comes in handy when operators like Harshad Mehta manipulate the price and take the share price too high in a very short time.  If you know that the company has no breath and only a handful of people manipulate the rupee to make false fluctuations in the company's stock, then you can stay away from it and invest your money in a good company when the time comes.

 Many of these are financial matters so it is also likely that the common man will not be able to understand them easily.  But if you want to invest in the stock market or other resources, it is very important to know the basics.  This is a website to get all the data.  Whose name is Screener.in.  Screener is a very simple, at first glance this beautiful website and it is absolutely free.

 If I want to get data about any company, just enter the name of that company, what is its market cap?  What is the current price?  How high has the price gone?  How far has it gone?  What percentage of dividends does the company pay?  What are its good aspects?  What are the bad aspects?  What are its competitors?  All this information can be easily found.  In addition, under normal circumstances you have to go to the website of the stock exchange to find out the results announced by the listed companies.  But this website called Screener gives you all this information easily and for free.  What is the sales growth of the company?  How much has the company's profits increased?  You can also find out what percentage of the stock price has earned compound interest over the last five to ten years.  Also, present the entire balance sheet of the company whenever you want.  In which the total capital of the company, how much has the company borrowed?  Details of the company's investments, company assets, etc. are displayed.

 Apart from this, you can also get information about which major investors or fund managers have invested in the company.  There are many people who make money by imitating big rich investors and investing behind them.  So many people have faith in their own research.  But when big investors or fund managers come to invest in the company they have researched, their confidence in their research is strengthened.  Big investors like Warren Buffet only invest in a company after seeing its fundamentals and their favorite thing is to read the company's annual reports.  Big investors spend most of their time reading the company's annual report.  You will also find the annual report of each company from this website.  Know what is the biggest fun of this website?  It already has ready-made scanners available.  About 5000 companies are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, while about 1500 companies are listed on the National Stock Exchange!  Now you can't do research on each of these companies or read the annual reports of each company so this feature seems to work a lot at such times.  With the help of a good scanner, the companies can be filtered and then the annual reports of the appropriate companies can be read.

 You decide that I have to invest in companies with a market cap of more than Rs 2000 crore!  So you can research about it.  There are many such different criteria.  For example, you have to invest only in companies with zero Debt or have a PE ratio of more than 50 or you have to invest in a company with an ROCE of more than 12%.  So the company has developed a readymade scanner to overcome all these problems.

 Readymade scanners are available for this if you want to invest in the company that pays the highest dividends.  You can also customize it to suit your needs.  Can create custom scanners.  In addition, the website also has scanners based on the names of different well-known investors who work according to the criteria.  I.e., Warren Buffet Scanner Peter Lynch Scanner etc. etc.  In addition, if you have stock of any company in the watch list, you will also get the smallest information about it through mail.  In short you can do fundamental research to invest based on different options as you like.

 This website is free but you can pay for it if you want premium services.  But most investors and students are likely to get their work done with the free version.  So create an account without waiting!

Disaster Risk Management into a Basic Online Course

Aapati Vyavsthapan Course on Diksha for teachers.

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 Read news about startups on Yourstory.com ... Startups are very popular these days.  Many young people are leaving secure jobs to pursue startups.  Which is pretty good.  Contributing to the country's economy by creating jobs and paying taxes on time is a better service to the country than defending political parties on Facebook.  The support system for startups in India is emerging on a very large scale and has a large contribution from angel investors, venture capital firms, investment funds etc.  As the system gets ready and a large number of startups begin to emerge, it is only natural that a publication is needed to provide news about it.  Most mainstream media initially had no particular interest in reporting on startups.  Of course, as the startup support system gets stronger, many new publications are being created.  Journalists from many reputable companies have quit their jobs and started their own media startups.  One such

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