Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Kelavani nirixak charge babat

 Happy Christmas ... Happy Christmas Gira p. Bhatt Today is the 25th of December, Christmas. Ho jeevan mast-mast, red-red cloak in a small village, happy christmas ... happy christmas. Santa Claus with white beard and white mustache did a great job. Also, we brought back some toys. Happy Christmas ... Happy Christmas.

There is a beautiful garden in the village and a small church near it. Happy Christmas after completing the morning prayer ... Happy Christmas. Were meeting each other. Happy Christmas .. Happy Ghumo Sneh Jag Samast, saying Christmas. The children were in the garden Happy Christmas ... Happy Christmas.

Around the garden, Santa Claus sang a song to his grandfather. All giving balloons. Small and big, colorful balloons clung to him and kept raining love. Inflated children played a lot. Then the chocolates and Santa Claus grandfather said, “Come on, I gave you a song biscuit. Pipuda - Pipuda was given dugdugiyas. 
Wow brother wow .. playing new toys from the bag. Will you sing that ”The children cut. If you give a ball to someone, you give a doll to someone. So saying 'yes' ... all the children were playing. Santa Claus remained grandfather. 

Grandpa stood watching Sahu. A song sung by a group of children. Called the two leaders. 

He put his hand on his head and asked, “Son, can I know your name? "Yes, my name is Joy and his name is James." ”

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