Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Daily Activity Parivar nu malakhu janatar mantar


We are happy to inform you that the 'Family Nest-Safe and Warm' program is being launched this year as well as last year for the psychosocial fitness of children and parents during this Koranakal.  The pdf file of the video link will be sent to you regularly from tomorrow.  Please send the file regularly to all parents and children in your area!

Maa judi ane ma no palv judo ....
Funny thing if you know the essence ...

In fact, nine months after Maa was introduced, Maa Palwa was introduced.

While drinking milk, my mother covered me with a blanket and I was reassured .. From then on it started to feel very close ..
And, then it kept coming.
Until Pura Aikha ..

On the first day of school, the handkerchief was made,
In the summer it became a hat,
The towel soaked in the rain,
While rushing to play, he got a napkin.
In travel, it sometimes became a shawl.
Maa is never seen in the crowded market
But holding the end of the palwa, I kept walking without any problem.
It was my beacon in the neighborhood.
While pouring hot milk, it became pliable,
The fan went off when the lights went out in the summer.
On the day of the result, the palav became my shield
When Dad comes home ..
After the tea is watered,
A palav j rajuat karto ..

Ankadiya's voice was completely suppressed and it was the suppressed voice that taught morality.
Instinct learned from palav ..
Courtesy learned from Palav ..
Satvikata learned from Palav ..
Reality learned from Palav ..
Civilization learned from Palav ..
Tolerance learned from palav ..
Awareness learned from Palav ..

This is not the end of the story, no craftsman of any pen has the words to express this accurately, no adjective can be found anywhere in the dictionary that can be said to be completely appropriate for Maa Na Palwa even after remembering the events of the whole life.  I don’t have a single limit;  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Yet, Maa no Palav is vast, infinite, indescribable.

No painter has colors, no Tansen has no melody, no accurate expression is possible.

I accept my limitations, it is not our place to write about Maa Palav.

Currently there are alternative camps running. Whether it is an option camp or any other camp, all the camps are as per the rules and show humanity completely.

Showing transparency happens like every year and remains a boundary mark in this Corona era
And no officer, Shri or teacher, will fall prey to Gana Korona and will be completely safe.
Thank you so much for being

After the completion of the option camp, let's be fully prepared for the rest of the camp process and hold each other's hands and respect the feelings of thousands of teachers.
Pray to Saraswati that the camp will end soon

The presentation was made by Aapshri in 100% of the space but this submission was not accepted by the Deputy Director.
What the director liked is true
However, all camps are completed before recruitment

And one last try and request once if possible

To perform a pro district 100% in space

If possible, do it to the Minister of Education, Mr. Secretary, and the Director

So many working teachers with their families close to home
Keep coming from other districts.

Daily Activity Parivar nu malakhu janatar mantar 


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Daily Activity Parivar nu malakhu janatar mantar 

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