Sunday, May 9, 2021

CRC Coordinator Recruitment Provisional Merit List

 CRC Coordinator Recruitment Provisional Merit List 

 CRC Coordinator Recruitment Provisional Merit List 

 Overall Education Gujarat 250 CRC Coordinator Recruitment Provisional Merit List 2021

Corona's awareness campaign
1. The corona vaccine must be given.  Avoid false rumors.
2. Do not go out of the house except for important work
3. Don't forget to wear a mask
4. Keep social distance.  (Two yards distance)
5. Wash hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds.
6. Use after washing vegetables or fruits.
7. Drink warm (ginger, turmeric, salted) water.
8. Avoid sugary cold drinks.
9. Take a sip of warm water with ginger in the morning.
10. Sniff the camphor ajmo cloves in a cotton cloth.
11. Get up early in the morning and do yoga, take deep breaths, walk a little on the ground.
12. Feeling like fever, headache, show the doctor and take medicine. Report immediately.
13.Continue yourself.
14. If your neighbor has a quarantine, help for the necessities of life.
15. Don't be mistaken for Corona but be careful.  Be cheerful.
16. Take care of your children.
17. Avoid going to occasions right now.
The disease of the body is always coming according to the season.  The disease will also go away.
Trust the suburbs.
  Let's get together and beat Corona.

An article by Honorary Editor Molvi Iqbal Hussain Bokda in which he analyzes the remarkable service rendered by the Muslims in the Corona epidemic and its one-sided approach to disaster relief.

  A very important article offering an explanation in its broadest sense of a comprehensive sermon of the Holy Qur'an "Do not reduce the scales", written by the learned Islamic scholar and jurist Justice Mufti Muhammadatki Usmani Sahib.
  Retired IPS officer Ramesh Savani's powerful article slapping the cheeks of those who hold Muslims responsible for the spread of Koro's infection
  A very interesting article by Humayun Taral, a child educator and educator, giving an interesting example of the education and development of children.

  Readable article by Shekhar Gupta, a well-known author and editor of 'The Print', analyzing the recent Varanasi court ruling on archaeological survey and excavation of Gyanvapi Mosque.

In addition, Dr.  The fourth part of Muhammad Mustafa Sabai's series of articles, 'Historical Monuments of Islamic Culture', as well as an article describing the commendable work of a trust in Surat in the Koro epidemic


CRC Coordinator Recruitment Provisional Merit List 

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