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can watch the video of magic in this post and you can enjoy showing this post to the people

 You can watch the video of magic in this post and you can enjoy showing this post to the people. You can learn more about this post and show it to people.  This post can make you laugh a lot.

 જાદુ નો વિડીયો જોવા નીચે ક્લીક કરો

Nowadays, this learning is called planchit.  It is the science of summoning spirits.  This work has been done since ancient times.  Some souls who have not attained peace, can give you information about the past, future and present three periods through planchit.  You can get a solution to your problem from them.  However, there is a lot of danger in this.

 It is said that information about the question paper can be obtained from them.  You can ask them about your future or any fabricated wealth.  Apart from this, you can also know their solution by telling them the trouble of your life.

 How to make a planchit: Planchit is mainly of two types.  Write the English or Hindi alphabets on one side of the first way plan and write the digits on the other side.  Please write yes up and down.  Make a circle in the center and put a bowl on it upside down.  Then burn incense sticks in any corner of the room.  Then, together with three or five people, put your finger on that bowl and give a call to a soul.  When the soul comes, this bowl starts moving on its own.  Whatever is asked, the bowl slowly responds by reaching the digits or letters.  If she was asked her name, she would walk the bowl and cover the letters written in English or Hindi.  Like Ravana, first she will go to R, then to A, then to V, then to A and finally to N.


 Warning: This article is for information only, as is prevalent in society.  It falls under the category of superstition and may be dangerous for you.  It should not only be done in a curious way.


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 Hypnosis: Hypnotism is called hypnotism in English.  It is a part of ancient life science.  Everyone wants to know about hypnosis, but in the absence of the right information, he does not understand it.

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 Hypnosis has been called 'Pran Vidya' or 'Trikalavidya' since ancient times.  The meaning of hypnosis is usually derived from captivating.  Vashikaran means the discipline of subduing someone, while it is a thing to destroy the reputation of hypnosis.


 There are many levels of mind.  One of them is the primordial self conscious mind.  The primordial self conscious mind neither thinks nor decides.  The said mind is related to our subtle body.  This mind tells us how to avoid the impending danger or the above threats.


 This mind constantly protects us.  This mind informs us about the disease occurring six months in advance and if we are ill, it tries to keep us healthy.  Due to intellectualism and arrogance, we listen and ignore the said mind.  Hypnosis is the practice of the said mind.


 This mind is ready to help you in every way, provided you are devoted to it.  It has the ability to know one's past and future.  Will make you aware of the events that happen to you, due to which you will find ways to avoid the said event.  You can gain the ability to cure the illness of others not only yourself.


 By hypnosis, concentration of mind, effect of speech and mere sight makes the worshiper complete his resolve.  This allows communication of ideas (telepathic), knowing other's emotions, looking at an invisible object or soul, and remote views.


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 Black Magic: There have been one magician in India whose magic throws up surprises.  However, most of them had the magic of magic which used to entertain people.  The magic of the magician PC Sarkar, magician Anand, K Lal etc. was for the entertainment of the people.  We are not talking about this kind of black magic here.

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