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Social Audit Form for Gujarat Primary schools: pdf And word file

Social Audit Form for Gujarat Primary schools: pdf And word file
Social Audit Form for Gujarat Primary schools : pdf And word file :It is compulsory for every primary school in Gujarat to submit a Social Audit form. Based on this, information about the school and all the details can be obtained. Here is a social audit form pdf and ms word file which will be very useful for every school.

સોશિયલ ઓડીટ ફોર્મ ભરેલ નમુનો

સોશિયલ ઓડીટ ફોર્મ

Social audit structure
School details
The school is located in what area\School level
Head Teacher and School Smc Chairperson Details
Social audit group
Student's nomination statistics
Details of received help
Infrastructure in school
Use of Funds (Grant)
Medihan Meal
Physical Education and Complaint Prevention
Details of the School Management Committee

Prior to the education, the student's Upanayana ceremony was performed, after which the student was dedicated to the Guru.  The Guru used to work diligently to burn the light of knowledge in the student's life.

 In gurukul

 Politics ,

 music ,

 Life's Philosophy ,

 Weapon skills

 Adi's high quality education was imparted.

 The special aim of Guru was that the student should be successful in all fields.  The importance of education in Vedic period was the attainment of knowledge, the knowledge that can distinguish between soul and God.  Education for the student used to be an education which he could attain salvation on his own.  "Sa vidya or liberation".

 Education Reform Agency

 The meaning of education was widely taken in ancient times, education was a process of self-development, introspection or improvement which went on for life.  Through this, a person was a student throughout his life.  Through education, the person was constantly reformed and cultivated.  A scholar states that "a teacher remains a lifelong student."  Education is the storehouse of knowledge that makes a human being human and prevents him from being selfish as an animal.  "

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