Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 Online Self Defense training on Diksha app for std.6 to 12 Girls Babat mahtva no letter.



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Online training of daughters of standard 6 to 12.
Important Letter to Join Online Self Defense Training.

Every great work has to go through three stages - ridicule, opposition and acceptance.

Ahaphas - It is also a nature of the human mind that it does not want to do something good on its own and also does not want to do what it wants to do.  The most powerful weapon to lower the morale of the front is to ridicule him or the work he is doing so that the doer himself turns back.

Opposition - Where there is no talk of ridicule then opposition starts taking birth from there.  Man opposes every great work that he himself cannot do.  A human mind is very jealous, so he can never see the fame, fame, honor, prestige of another.  If you go to do good, then opposition will definitely happen.

Acknowledgment - Where the weapons that destroy self-confidence such as ridicule and protest fail, then there is only one way, and that is acceptance.  Whenever doing great work, when there were conflicts in life, then we should work patiently without weakening your self-confidence and remember that if Lord Shri Ram was opposed, then Lord Shri Krishna was opposed.
Buddha, Mahavir and no matter how many great men were ever ridiculed, but eventually the society had to accept him with great reverence and bowed down in front of his great personality and ideal thinking.

The sun does not erase when it comes in the grip of birds, so do the best you can!  People will laugh, people will burn but will not be able to tarnish the light of your fame.
Online Self Defense training on Diksha app for std.6 to 12 Girls Babat mahtva no letter.

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