Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Now 3 days off per week for new Government employees

 Now 3 days off per week for new Government employees

Holiday is the time of year that is eagerly awaited throughout the year.  We all have different plans for our holidays, most of which have to be successful.  Some of us relax during our holidays, attend some hobby-completing classes and some go out of the family.  Everyone loves leisure.  We start making our plans long before the holidays start.  This is a very necessary break to break free from our worldly routines and we start planning to engage in various activities in the coming time.

 Vacation is the best part of a student's life.  It provides the much needed break from boring lectures, morning alarms and strict rules.  My parents have always made sure that I spend a good time during the holidays and I have very pleasant memories as a memory.  One such memory is my last winter vacation.

 I love winter and the holidays are the best part of this season.  The addition of travel and holidays on Christmas, New Year provides a very good feeling.  I remember how me and my younger brother had decorated the Christmas tree and made cupcakes with the help of my mother.  Winter holiday is a time for celebration.  We also invite new relatives to celebrate New Year's Eve.  Each year many exciting activities are planned during these holidays but last year's winter holidays were more special.  We were always eager to see snow and my father surprised us by planning to take us to Shimla during the winter holidays.

 It was a three-day trip and we were lucky to have snow twice during those days.  It was a great sight to see snow balls falling from the sky.  There was snow all around and we just kept enjoying it.  It was quite exciting for us because we had seen such a view for the first time.  We drank hot tomato soup and enjoyed steamed hot momos with spicy red chutney while strolling the Mall Road.  During that time Christ Church on Mall Road was adorned and looked magnificent.  We went there to worship.  We also bought some woolen clothes and souvenirs from there.  It was all very funny.

 I miss the days spent in my Shimla holiday and hope that we will spend more time like this in the coming years.  When you have a loving family, the holidays become more exciting.

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