Wednesday, February 17, 2021

In a cricket match, if all the players are out in 10 balls, which player will not be out?




1, no bestman ne straic na male tethi te  not out rahe

In a cricket match, if all the players are out in 10 balls, which player will not be out?

Needs can be met, but not desires. 

Therefore man must work hard to fulfill his needs.  Necessity means, the essential means of survival.  Such as bread cloth house etc.

  If man is manly, then God fulfills all his needs.  Because God is very kind and just.  Now man must believe in God, and also trust in his own hard work, then his needs are definitely met.

  But forgetfulness starts when a person starts making big desires.  Desires can never end.  The great sages like Manu etc. have said such a thing, that * just like putting ghee in the fire increases the fire, it does not calm down.  In the same way fulfilling desires increases desires, they never end. 

   Another sage has said that  Like a person standing on the shore of the sea, one side of the sea is visible, but even when looking from a distance, the other side is not visible.  Such desires seem to have a beginning, but they do nt seem to end like the sea. 

  Therefore a wise person should control his desires.  And when the needs are met, thank God, that * O God!  By your grace our life is going very well, happily and safely.  You have given us so much.  Not everyone can get as much as they have given.  We are living at a better, higher level than millions of people in the world.  Thank you very much.  


It's something to think about, friends

20 to 30 km is the concern of teachers doing more jobs in the school

Friends pushing to work against GR

For years, he was working away from his father and home

Think about teachers

Today, the teacher of Vadh has the benefit of mother school for 5 years and

Every year for a pro district

No maneuver

Officer Mr. Shri

Thousands of teachers now have faith in you

Now do what happens as a rule

Murthy was seen

Date set

The tent was also planted

Jan Mandve came

The groom was given a warm welcome in the mandve

Now the bride also came to the mandve

And the first Mars round is also about to be completed right there

People who suddenly disrupt the fera are throwing bones in the air

There is such a thing


The ordeal of Bhudevs is that they come through mantras

Beware of selfish and conspiratorial individuals

And let the process be completed

The process is complete

Then whether to let go or not

Leave the bride and groom upstairs

Anwar can't keep his feet in two parties.

Our aim is to have a pro district in 100% space

Children's interest is our first priority.

In a cricket match, if all the players are out in 10 balls, which player will not be out?

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