Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A man and Kind Crocodile Social media viral video 2

 Hello friends, today we have brought you this good and viral video of Gujarat and below is the information and below is also the video. 

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Share more and have more fun and in the video a man talks to a crocodile and the crocodile listens quietly and it will be fun to watch this video and also share it to you friends relative.

Watch the full video

In a strange incident, a video that has gone viral across social media, a mid-age man identified as Pankaj Patel went dangerously close to a wild crocodile and started a one-way verbal conversation with it. 

However, a crocodile luckily remained unmoved and unprovoked and didn't attack the person. The incident is reportedly from Karjan town of central Gujarat. 

The end of the video clip shows that the crocodile swiftly left the place and went into the water without harming Pankaj Patel. Patel however went closer to it again and tamed its tail, but the crocodile still continued its movement and disappeared in the water body. It is not known, whether this was a daring act by Mr. Patel or whether he was drunk.

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