Thursday, January 7, 2021



University announces not to take online exam The matter has reached the High Court instead of announcing offline exam. If you take offline exam, what is the problem in online exam? Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad made a presentation before the Authority in the wake of the epidemic and lockdown. Not only that, he also did demonstrations in the time exam by the university. Gujarat Technological last year's students' online examination was taken at the University of Inter-University (GTU). The High Court has directed the university in the coming days in a writ petition not to take the online exam as the exam has been completed well with the demand to conduct the exam in the interest of the students. This is because the question was raised, "If the university exams are also to be taken online, some students have started demanding that they should resort to irregularities if they can take the exams offline. What's wrong with taking an online exam? This is an injustice to the rest of the students online last year. The university argued that apart from the fact that the state exams were well completed, only 30,000 other universities had to take the exams in such a way even though they were offline earlier when the exams were taken and GTU also lacked transparency. The idea of ​​taking a student's offline exam is to take an exam because there are many irregularities. That is why it has been so big. The High Court's response to GTU came to the notice of the University. Ordered to submit the number of students online so that no arrangement can be made for the university to take the summer exam full hearing. The students have protested. No, but just in between the offline exams the university announced that PG Offline University will take previous experience. Has also announced this exam. Following the announcement not to conduct online exams, the students have now decided to take students online now. Which has been challenged by the High Court with a demand to give the option of online examination or not. He has repeatedly writ in the High Court on the whole issue of Corona living.

Earlier the announcement has not been referred to in 8 subjects, in the 8 subjects, the new announcement with 147 space was published in the additional topic of professor assistance »Commerce and accountancy, on December 1st, the announcement was made of data such as data, such as performing arts. The topics of commerce topics against this advertisement were blown up, in which subject, how many places were the date of dispute by the empty Dasha topic. In commerce 20, 28 subjects in accountancy have been demanded to extend the change in the space shown and commerce - accountancy was a heavy displeasure. Apart from this, the clarity of the three subjects in some subjects were in 200 places, execution of the spaces in which there was a controversy, which was built by the same higher education department by mixing all three topics, rather than the issue of the same as the issue of the same as the issue of 179 spaces depicting Colored candidates with 10 140 places in English, and 12 space has been cut by the next year. However, now the request for the vacancies that have been shown in vacancies, is now given instruction to apply the next application. Was placed. Thus, before Gujarat, there are only estimated vacancies. Many types of Hindi 25 in this topic in this topic, in the advertisement given to the colleges associated with universities. Due to the 36 subjects and discrepancies in 36 subjects for early January 20, the number of spaces was announced. The Gujarat University academic union can be applied to Sanskrit last day before the last day, the legalization of the commerce and management will be appropriately to the same teaching minister. Thus, Profderson's Navjujat time> Ahmedabad was opposed. Seeking this action, Psychology was a PhD-due to low space in addition to the vacancies based on the 27 presentations. Whose pursuit has been shown in the 780's history, but the state's different universities have been created by the Net - Slate candidates to create new eight topics in heavy spaces, the statistics started in the state of the Arts, Commerce and Injustice. By including 147 spaces, in which subject, how many Gujarati (BRS) 1 science colleges have empty spaces in the since the first of Gujarat, 927 spaces in the announcement of 927 spaces in the last day, the last day, the first day, Psychology, History, Sociology, 147 will be declared

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