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The Board of Education has fixed the examination fee for Std-10, Std-12 general stream and science. 60 2655 fee has to be paid for science 185 220 | કેટલી Std-12 What is the fee for Std-10 in general stream? How much fee will be charged in Std. What is the fee for Std. 12 Science? Students' fees 490 Details Fees Details Fees Details Determined 355 | Regular Student Regular Student ૨ 490 ૨ Regular Student 605 {Repeater (1 subject) 130 Repeater (1 subject) 140 Repeater (1 subject) {180 Navgujarat Time> Ahmedabad Repeater (2 subject) Repeater (2 subject) Repeater (2 subject) 300 Repeater (2 subjects) 240 Repeater (2 subjects) ૨285 Repeater (2 subjects) 420 Gujarat Secondary & Higher Repeater (3 more {345 Repeater (more than 3) R 490 Repeater (more than 3 {605 | March by Board of Secondary Education) 30 730 private students {870 Experimental (1 subject) 110 Std.10 and Std.12 private students to be taken in 2021 General stream and Std.12 Science stream Rs.490 and Std.12 Science higher subject fee will be Rs.345. Fee of one subject is Rs. 180. Examination fee has been declared. Fee of Rs. 605 will be charged. Private students have kept Rs. For the examination to be taken in the current year as the fee for the subject has been fixed at Rs Fee standards have come up regularly in Std.12 general stream. When the experimental subject | No increase. Are determined by the Board. Student fees are Rs. 490 will remain. When the examination fee was also increased In addition to regular students, the fee for repeater private students is Rs. 870 is. In addition, the examination fee is fixed for the students who do not take the examination fee from the experimental free of one subject. Announcement that ૨ 110 will be taken

| Since they will be exempted from fees. Has been revealed. In Std.10, Std.12 Science examination is done in fees. Thus, experimental of 3 subjects | After the increase of one subject of Std. 10 repeater students for regular students last year, for the current examination now students have to pay Rs. 355 will remain. While Std.12 general fee is fixed at Rs.250. While in three years no change has taken place. Std.12 will have to be filled.

Granted schools result based. BJP state president C.R. Met Patil | Building tax and | Amount paid separately with grant | The demand is to be recruited with the result of Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad examination. Naranbhai Patel has also joined the BJP president. In the long run this grant policy should be reviewed by the State School Governing Council to the question of administrators to CR Patil in schools. Introducing that the principal could be recruited, he said that the grant holders had approached BJP president C.R. The reason behind is not given. The principal selection policy should be changed. Apart from that, Patil was asked questions and earlier the new guideline had demanded immediate resolution of vacancies in schools. In which the principal should fill the recruitment of the principal as per the recruitment of teachers. From June 2016, Std. 8 was the biggest question of grant policy. But now, despite completing a round of recruitment by the government, going to the state's primary schools, Std. 8 is currently administered to Std. 10 and Std. 12 administrators. The supervision of the teacher's class work is done by the principal based on the results of the board examination which runs one class of 8000 and 10 out of 200 granted high schools. The high school runs without the principal. These two classes of schools are allotted 8 grants including the principal, there is no right to change. The role of administrators was also introduced on the issue. It was proposed to make provision for the establishment of teachers.

Adequate physical facilities should be provided while educational in the grantee schools. In addition to private schools, building taxes and electricity bills are limited. Therefore, in case of low result, recruitment of staff should also be done and a representation act should be formulated. Grant cuts that are paid separately with grants in schools are not judicial. Was performed. Librarian in Granted Schools, necessary changes in the provision of grounds were also introduced. Apart from this, the number of children in the state's Granted Industrial Teacher, Clerk, Patawala and Karvo, the number of children in the classroom should also be reduced for the recruitment of Granted Commuter Teacher in the recruitment of principals in Gujarat State School Administrator Schools. The amount of the electricity bill was also presented to the schools. Is. Apart from this, a grant of Rs.

School and teachers will be registered before the standard 10 and 1 board examination forms Ahmedabad The Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has not yet started filling up the forms for the Std. 10 and 12 board examinations, which will probably be held in May. Online registration of schools and teachers will be started before the students start filling up the examination forms. After that the examination form will be filled. This time the Board of Education is considering conducting online assessment of Std. 10 and 12 board exams. Sources said that online assessment will be done by scanning the answers of one standard board exam

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