Saturday, January 16, 2021

Jillfer camp arji babat Gr

Jillfer camp arji babat Gr

Parvati makes roti while sitting by the stove, so she finds Nishal, takes the book and says: “Sister, yes. The toe of the left foot is tied with a rope. I will come after the Rotla Mosan is completed by hand, I like to study very much and my left leg is shaking and shaking Bhaila. There is no one in the house.

Things are all scattering. With the belief that Parvati must be filled, I became stunned at school. Parvati saw me too. Took the class register in hand. Where the situation happened in front of Parvati's name. He looked in front of me. She said know where there was a vacancy I met her presence. Parvati: “Sister, you? Here? "She was not present in my class, but her presence in education removed the wood from the stove and reduced the heat. Bread had to be made.

Nishal did not leave his mind. Then my off. Why should I remove the vertical cradle from the register in front of me? Kept shaking. At this time, after standing in the cage of the accused, Parvati came to the school, but she was looking at me as if she was Parvati. Come to think of it: "We change education but to lighten the learning environment I ask:" Why?

The wave got such a short answer if we don't change the economic condition of the "fun" poor. All the exercise of merriment is in vain. New songs, new I asked: 'Tara ba - Bapuji is not home? "Stories, new games, nice books, etc. To save Bhaila, they have gone to Dadi. Now that the season has come, he has been running continuously for many months till he pulls the rope of the horse.

'Reaching? But why don't you come to school? "S, Siddhachakra apartment, sister, I have to do housework. To smell, to fill with water, to make bread. Also to this younger brother Bhavnagar - 360001. At present, inspections are carried out in primary schools. But the so-called inspection is not so capable of welcoming the coming century.

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Adequate facilities should be provided by the Government, close training should be provided by Talim Bhavan, phased guidance and financial provisions should be provided by the Director of Primary Education, but implementation at the district level and at the bit inspector level needs to be done closely. (Thanks: Outline of Pan Satpertision in Primary Schools) 

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