Friday, January 15, 2021

Corona raja babat gr

Corona raja babat gr

Children will be interested if the group of five-six students is effective independently of the children. Assign the same work. What is the significance of one (84) silent performance from a teacher or a group? What a student should manage in silent acting. Considering the children of the upper dhoral? Help can also be taken. (Santrampur) Can a bracelet be sung like a clock?

Ans: Silent acting for understanding physical gestures with language and language expression with (Amreli) gestures. Ans: It can be done as required. But just singing is important. Acting in silent acting does not strengthen the correct and mathematical understanding. It is important to keep in mind that being simple with a single song requires activity and understanding.

What type of clay toys in urban environment (32) Current Std. Making 1, 9 textbooks and trials? What is the difference between a textbook? (Vadodara) (Amreli) Answer: Without specifying the type of village or city environment Answer: No difference in capacity and subject matter. Matidhi Nadhi is the only difference in presentation.

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Plenty of activities, playing is the only thing that gives satisfaction and pleasure to the child. Creation happens automatically. The teacher has come to soften. The teacher is given freedom. To work. To guide. Telling a story by puppets can get the teacher's attention in puppets (36) children up to 5 years and this activity remains. What can be done to develop physical and mental skills so that children cannot be taken care of? What are the activities? (Gandhinagar) (Patan) 

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