Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Under the Midday Meal Plan, the issue of distributing the Food Security Allowance Ta .01 / 09/2020 to 28/10/2020 All (49 days)

Under the Midday Meal Plan, the issue of distributing the Food Security Allowance Ta .01 / 09/2020 to 28/10/2020 (49 days).


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Food Security Ella to students. Latest circular regarding payment dated 14-12-2020

Ta. Dated from 1-9-2020. 49 days till 28-10-2020. Will have to pay.

What is the rate of cooking cost for standard 1-5 and 6-8?

How much grain will have to be distributed.

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All principals and teachers, save this circular. Payment / Grain Distribution will take work.

Food Security Allowance under Mid-day Meal Scheme from 01/09/2020 to 28/10/2020 (49 days)

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The same demand for HTAT
Let's introduce a formula for OP friends to come back.
Let's convince the government.
Left ....
The academic cadre is OK
9-20-31 is also appropriate
Give Grade-Pay only 4400 / - at the time of appointment.

To give 1 imaginary increase with grade-pay 4400 / - to the friends who have become htat principals by taking 20th standard.
This demand is nothing else ....
Brijeshbhai, who is not even an OP, has been arrested today and has ignited the flames of agitation for H Tat being OP. Let us support it and provide the movement with a large number of manpower. Even if it can be done without anyone's support, our support will give courage and passion.

Hello friends

4200 4400 4600 to Promoted Friends as per the current demands for Htat.
And friends of direct recruitment will get 4400 4600 5400 and count Htat as academic cadre.

In this, each teacher will get only 4600. Luckily someone Htat will get 5400. What is the financial benefit in Htat if the teacher has to meet the salary standard? None. Only 1 benefit or change will be demanded by teachers. Everything else is a loss.

Now if we calculate the rules of GAD, the highest of 12/24 is 4600 5400
Considered administrative cadre. Feeder cadre counts
Departmental examination can be given.
Only 1 disadvantage or change happens in 3 years and even if we count the years of our job, even 4 or 5 changes have more advantages.

4200 4400 4600
And direct recruiting friends will get 4400 4600 5400. Instead, Htat has the advantage in terms of GAD.

Therefore, if the demand is accepted and circular is issued as per the rules of GAD, then it is fine. Otherwise Cort Matter has to be done. And GAD has to be obtained.

Why do Cort Mattar for rules as per GAD? What is your opinion? Or the efforts for our demands to stay with a recognized organization to oppose our demands and demands?

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