Saturday, December 19, 2020



Details of students, pre-printed slam will be slammed with FATA. Geneva Uni. Mandve student will give enrollment number and examination form will be filled BAUSASHIR. ULINESSITY Execution of students in the next Sem. 1, 2, 3 and 4 exams, staff will save time 1 In Rajkot, half a lakh students of Saurashtra University and Bhavan, colleges will save time wasted in filling up the examination forms. From the next exam the student will give his enrollment number and the exam form will be filled. The sample examination form is posted on the website on the same day as the ISHTRA UNIVERSITY date of the current examination is announced in the university. According to the number of students, the principal or clerk of the college, when the student enters the university by printing the examination form as per the website entry, the student will be generated to fill the form only once he / she fills the form. In which the student is. After that there will be a college clerk and in that also after checking the data of Std. 12 subjects and getting the shares of all the students online, then the student will have to tick the exam and submit it to the university. However, the share does not have to be paid. The exam flare will be filled. Now this whole process will be done in the computer in a new way with the help of one click of the student's next sem. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Enrollment number in the college. A new method has been implemented from the examination. The examination director Nilesh Soni means he will go to the university.

Udgam School will provide education in two shifts in the next three years from the new academic session. With this expansion, the number of students in the school will be up to 8 thousand. In the next three years, 300 more teaching staff will be recruited in the school. The first admission fee for the afternoon shift is Rs. સમય The school used to charge Rs 15-20 lakh every year. But now with the emergence of a large number of new emerging schools for children, the evening rules are being implemented. From the year 2021-2, the admission fee for primary school parents is Rs. 2 thousand to Rs. Starting another shift for students in taking 200, will remain. Is currently coming. So that the children of the city will go to school. Manan Choksi, a student of CBSE Board and State Board of Education, said that it is possible to expand Udgam School but also to change the teaching in all schools. Necessary approval has been received from the parents. It is not the first time in India that parents have been able to engage their children in study activities before April 2021. So that the option of starting education will also be given. Self Finance CBSE School has become a pro-activity for the second year in a row. With this expansion the school decided to start a single shift now. The selection shift will be conducted by the club on December 15. At the time of which about 3 thousand students will have to inform the school from the expansion to the students in the school. It will be from 10-30 to 12-30 in the morning. Will have the ability to teach. Capacity will be doubled. As the number of expansion outlets increases every Saturday after the completion of this activity time for both these shifts of students, in the next three years, like other days of the week, students will be able to go directly to their classes with Manan Choksi, Executive Director. The facility plans to do the next academic recruitment, the parents said. Meanwhile, the study hours will be provided at an affordable rate. From this year onwards, primary school students will not be reduced from 8 am onwards. Also, the second shift will be officially started by the school till 12 noon. While the restrictions of the Emergence Fee Committee were stated.

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