Thursday, December 10, 2020

Matter of proposing to include the school in a suitable CRC from the newly letest formed CRC centers

Matter of proposing to include the school in a suitable CRC from the newly formed CRC centers



Matter of proposing to include the school in a suitable CRC from the newly formed CRC centers.

today the life question of 65000 teachers 4200 grade pay 95% solved when the third time for this question has started to be thanked when I Mehul Joshi 65000 teachers who started the spontaneous social media movement, when all these Twitter warriors, Facebook users master group , Symbolic fasting all teachers after 2010, their families supporting it,
Dhurandhars running 4200 hashtags on social media, teachers providing new photos for 4200, such as sitting at the school gate, posing for 4200, black t-shirt with 4200 poses, blackened photo, all such teachers who contributed to draw the attention of the government. When the voice is finally heard by the government, all the Saraswats who have fought for their rights deserve congratulations, so the main thanks remain to them.

Thank you very much to the media, TV channels, newspapers, its editors who have given strong coverage for 4200 grade pay and conveyed the grievances of teachers to the government.

Understanding the teachers' spontaneous movement and its pain, the National Federation of Education rushed to give 4200 grades, held regular meetings with the Finance Minister, and as the organization also adhered to the principles of the National Volunteer Union, we were confident that the government would ignore the organization. No, that is why we have to thank the federation for its tremendous contribution in taking our self-initiated movement to its own understanding and result-oriented decision.

Considering the movement program of Shai Mahasangh, our late Primary Teachers Union also woke up late that now we also have to give the program so that it will not be too late, and they also finally announced a huge program and gave a warning to the government, and their program is final. We have been able to reach the result before the op is met and started, but we will always remember the statement of General Satishbhai that if 4200 is not received, he would have resigned, now such a skilled organizing minister will not resign and continue to serve us. Even the teachers' union is thankful.

Now the burning question is about the change camps, when there are conspiracies to stop it after writing to organize it somewhere, we will also thank the union which will complete this so-called camp soon and the teachers who got the changed homeland and their families ....... ...

Finally, I would like to say that we got what we deserved, thank you all for getting it ....

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