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Marriage Certificate. Complete extraction process

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The easiest way to register a marriage - very useful information.

Many people do not get a "marriage certificate" because they do not know what documents are required for marriage registration.

Marriage Certificate. Complete extraction process

If there is a circular of seniority rules for the district divided primary teacher, then the request is to be made.

Date of admission to the school
Date entered in the account
birth date
This is how it will come
The teacher will come from anywhere

Seniority will be counted consecutively as it is located in the division. Both in charge and in exchange because you have not changed the order.

Mission 100% District Fair

Regarding 100% district fair, Primary Education Federation Kutch District President Kishore Singh Chudasama and Minister Rameshbhai Gagal sent a letter to the President of Primary Education Federation Gujarat Bhikhabhai Patel and Ratubhai Gol to make representations at a higher level. Introduced

According to the information received at present, there is a possibility of an alternative camp following the representation of (both) unionists.
If there is an option camp, everyone will be harmed. It does not matter if there is an option camp, but in case of 31/10, the option camp should be done after deducting 40% of the remaining seats (40% according to the location of each taluka). ... wrote letters to the office bearers of both the unions in each district ..
This information has been obtained only by the union office bearers and they have also given this 40% suggestion

Even if the alternative camp does not happen, it will only change if it is not allowed to happen. Partisanship will be the cause of the union's breach.

The first thing to do is to leave the union and form a new union. We don't want a pay rise from the government. Even injustice has to be created

Don't have wrong discussions. The camp will be held as per the Deputy Secretary's circular. Alternative camp is not the talk of the town. Efforts are being made to speed up

The definition of injustice is not senior and junior. In this, justice is the same. It is to give justice to them by making them senior, but it is not judicial for others to be treated differently.

Now we need to tell all the other unions that you don't have to worry about us anymore,
We trust you a lot.
If you are very worried, join our picket program tomorrow.
Whenever all the executives and all the members of the organization of the district have to come and arrange a meeting in Ahmedabad, I always organize a meeting at my farm house at SP Ring Road Bopal in Ahmedabad without any hesitation. Be prepared and all HTAT friends will be able to come and plan ahead until our questions are resolved.

Marriage Certificate. Complete extraction process

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