Tuesday, December 22, 2020



Maya is imperceptible, she keeps weaving nets on nets, there is no end to its seductive pictures. This is such a sorceress that many times the deceived organism again falls into its trap. The God who created the whole world, gave us life, supported it, due to its influence, that creature also seems alien.

LTC Block 2016-19 which is currently extended till 31/03/2021 ..!

In the case of this block * 31/12/2019 *, only those employees who have one year job or 30 days leave attached are eligible to meet ..!

That is, eligible employees after 31/12/2019 are not eligible to meet Ltc Block 2016-19 ..?

If there is any such GR, Circular, Provision, Resolution or Written Guidance, please place it ..!

If anyone is conveying the plans of the government to the citizens, it is the employees ..!

But, there are many questions of these same employees ..! Which have not been solved till today.! Some congregations can also be held responsible for this ..?

Today, the seventh pay commission has been in place for almost five years ..! However, it is not fully applicable in Gujarat ..! Team Fix Pay & Team ops are fighting for abolition of fixed pay and old pension scheme ..!

There are many such questions. But some congregations shirk their responsibility by saying that this question is not one of ours ..! Every department, every union has no ..! What if we don't do anything else ..?

If, every department, every union has a question ..! So, not all the congregations can make such a presentation under one platform for a question applicable to every cadre employee without Maru-Taru ..?

Therefore, you must ask your union leaders when the employees' question will be resolved ..? Also, make the one who speaks in the interest of the employees the union leader ..!

Therefore, by bringing all the Mandals on one platform, one platform, to fulfill the main demands of the employees, a request to support the team fighting this issue with the Maha Mandal ..!

Even after knowing that everything is to be left here, a person who is not going to go with it, like a fool, has lost his life by studying behind wealth, wealth, etc. Pragya Chakshu can be opened only by the shelter of satsang and this can remove the veil of confusion.

The creature is suffering due to more thinking of Maya. Take shelter of Mayapati, not Maya. Become Lakshmi Narayan's servant, not Lakshmi, then this world will also improve and the other world.

Many times your life is evaluated not by attainment but by your sacrifice. Admittedly, there is much to be gained in life, but not enough because there is a lot to lose. Many things must be obtained in life, but many things should also be discarded in life.

Achievement is not only a challenge to life, sacrifice is also a challenge for life. Therefore, life should be lived on two conditions. The first is to get something in life and the second is to sacrifice something in life.

To complete a life you have to not only get but also renounce. And what to get after self-reflection and what to sacrifice? You will also understand this easily.

A flower has to be scented to become loved by everyone.



If you have not completed the course in the first batch of NISHTHA course, then the next instruction video on how to join the second batch is sent to you along with this video. Are told to plan.

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