Friday, November 13, 2020

WhatsApp app new trick Which lets you know who has done the most WhatsApp chatting with

 WhatsApp app new trick Which lets you know who has done the most WhatsApp chatting with 

Generally, all the users know the features given in WhatsApp and use them during chatting.  Apart from this, WhatsApp also constantly releases new updates to improve the experience of its users, in which many features are given.  However, hardly any users will be aware of the secret features that come with the update. 

 This is how to record hands free voice note

 WhatsApp voice note is very good.  However, very few users will know that voice notes can be recorded easily even with hands free ie earphones.  To record a voice note from the earphone, you must first tap the microphone at the bottom of the chat box in WhatsApp.  After this the recording will start.

 Stay online without using a phone

 With working in the office, it is a bit difficult to check the message on WhatsApp repeatedly.  So in this way you can use WhatsApp web.  Here you will be able to reply to the message as you work.  At the same time, you will not have to touch your phone again and again.

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 Profile photo and last scene

 The other thing in privacy is your profile photo and when you last checked WhatsApp.  If you want both of these you can set according to your own.  You can choose which people can see your profile photo and which do not.  Also, you can also choose whether you know whether you have checked WhatsApp or not.


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