Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Teachers useful Book for Rules

 Teachers useful Book for Rules

The Directorate of Education has sent a revised proposal to make arrangements in Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Teacher Services Rules 1981 to make 1.63 lakh Shiksha Mitras working in council schools after BTC training as assistant teachers.

The government will now be sent for cabinet approval after discussing this proposal in a meeting of top officials.

 In the first phase, 60 thousand education friends are to be made assistant teachers.  Their training has been completed.  He is preparing to be made a teacher from January.

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 According to the proposal of the directorate, Shiksha Mitra will also be linked with the teacher.  Based on this, the way to make education friends as teachers will be cleared.

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 It has also been made clear in the manual that the teacher who passes the eligibility test (TET) will be eligible to become an assistant teacher.

 It is also clear that Shiksha Mitras will also have to pass TET to become assistant teachers.

The arbitrary policies and short-sighted decisions of the state government are responsible for the fate of the adjustment to the post of assistant teacher of one lakh 60 thousand teachers of the state.  The government went beyond its authority and took decisions.  Law experts also believe that the state government put all the rules and regulations in order to make the teachers as assistant teachers.

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