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Nishtha Training primary teacher training useful model

Nishtha Training primary teacher training

 useful model

Training of teachers was very important for the advancement of basic education.  In the early years, children's schools became possible only with the enthusiasm and vision of Wardha Training School.  As the school work in Segaon progressed, there was a need to realize that teachers should also be trained in rural areas.  The new teacher training institute was inaugurated on 1 August 1942 respectively.  In its inauguration ceremony, these two values ​​were mainly emphasized on love and truth.  Dr. Zakir Hussain, while addressing the students on the occasion, said, "One word is engraved on the first page of the book of education - love."  The students also reiterated the formulaic sentence taken from the Upanishads as their ideal: I will only speak the truth.  This truth will protect me.

  This truth will protect my Guru.  Addressing the students, Gandhiji also repeated the same formula and said: May this prayer protect you.  The test clock for this new experiment arrived much earlier than expected.  Within a fortnight, the government arrested not only Gandhiji's political associates, but also many social workers.  Even the adult students of Nai Talim Bhavan did not escape this hold.  All the work went awry.  Eventually, it was only after 1945 that this work could be gradually reorganized and restored.

In the late forties and early fifties, Nai Talim Bhawan had become a living center of the Nai Talim community.  Apart from this, there was a lot of activity in Anand Niketan School, North Basic Building and every department.  After independence, the education departments of various states of India started sending their male and female graduates for training in Sevagram so that on their return they could develop the new training principles and teacher training programs in the language of their state.  Most of them were young teachers who had 4-5 years of traditional education experience and were considered highly probable.  There were some other senior teachers who had only 10-15 years left before retirement.

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 These teachers came from all corners of the country.  Naga and Mizo teachers coming from the northeastern region of the country were working with the Brahmins of Tamil Nadu or Gujarat, while Sikhs from Punjab were partnering with the Muslims of Hyderabad.  In this situation there was a huge potential for education of shared cultural heritage and values.  It was a chance to establish cooperation between male and female students in order of work, study and entertainment.

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