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Information for obtaining marriage certificate.

 Information for obtaining marriage certificate.

If you are a resident of India and want to get married officially then this article can prove beneficial for you.  The marriage certificate is given by the government for mutual relations between two people.  In India, marriage can be done under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the Special Marriage Act 1954.

A marriage certificate is a type of legal document that is required for every married couple.  In 2006, the Supreme Court of India called it mandatory for the protection of women.

 How to apply:

 For registration of marriage under Hindu Act: - In the jurisdictional area in which a man or woman resides, an application can be made by going to the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate during any working day.

 The form to be filled while applying should be signed by both husband and wife.  During the application, all verified documents must be taken together.  A due date is given to meet and the parties are talked to for registration.

 On that day, both parties should be present there before the ADM, along with one of the Gazette officials involved in the marriage.  The certificate is issued on the same day.

Documents required:

 Fill the application form complete with guidelines and the spouse;  Both should be signed.

 Proof of Address: VoterID / Ration Card / Passport, Driving License

 Date of Birth Proof: Spouse documents for date of birth proof

 2 passport size photographs

 1 wedding photograph

 Separate marriage affidavit in the form prescribed by husband and wife

 Aadhar Card

 All documents must be self-attested.

 Wedding calling card

 For Online Registration: (Click here for Delhi)

 Select your district and proceed.

 Fill all the information about the husband and click on "Registration of Marriage Certificate".

 Fill the application form for marriage certificate and get the marriage date.

 Click on "Submit Application".

 You will be allotted an approximate number which is printed on the enrollment slip.  In this way the application form is filled completely.

 Later, take a printout of the enrollment slip.


 In the case of the Hindu Marriage Act, you get an appointment within 15 days, but under the Special Marriage Act, it can take up to 60 days.


 Whichever person is present during the marriage becomes a gawah.  The person should have his / her PAN card and residence certificate.

Immediate Marriage Certificate:

 In April 2014, the Department of Revenue of the Delhi Government started Tatkal service in marriage, under which the entire process of marriage would be completed within a day.  Immediate marriage will be done as a priority.

 The service came into force from 22 April 2014.  The amount of this marriage is 10000 rupees which after submission, is legally married and certificate is also issued.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate:

  If you apply for a passport or bank account after marriage, then you need to give a marriage certificate.  In such a case, husband and wife;  Marriage certificate is required for both.

Important link

Marriage register application form

  Traditional weddings are not considered in many countries outside India, so a marriage certificate is required there.

  Sometimes, it is also mandatory to claim life insurance or bank deposits if the spouse is not named as a nominee.

  Under the Hindu Marriage Act, marriage certificate fees are Rs 100 / - and under the Special Marriage Certificate, the fee is Rs 150 / -, which is deposited to the cashier of the district and its receipt along with the application form.  is.

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