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Gujarati peoples useful download mobistar app

 Gujarati peoples useful download mobistar app 


  In the background, this dialogue of the film 'Om Shanti Om' is heard in the voice of Deepika Padukone and a common girl's face is seen in front.  The girl moves her fingers to the forehead and with passionate eyes shakes her lips along the lines of the dialog.

  Two boys in school attire try to imitate the dialogue of the movie 'Deewar' ... 'I have a car today, a bungalow.  what do you have? '  It is so funny that laughter is missed on seeing it.

  Every person using the Internet is two to four of such short videos.  Most of such videos are from the Chinese app 'Tick-Talk'

Tick-Talk is a social media application through which smartphone users can create and share short videos (up to 15 seconds).

 'Bite Dance' is a company owned by it, which launched 'Tick-Talk' in China in September 2016.  In the year 2018, the popularity of 'Tick-Talk' grew very fast and in October 2018, it became the most downloaded app in America.

 The introduction of tick-talk on the Google Play store is called 'Short videos for you' (short videos for you).

 Tick-talk is not a simple way to make short videos from mobile.  There is no artificiality in this, it is real and it has no limitations.  Whether you are brushing or making breakfast at 7:45 am - whatever you are doing, wherever you are, come on a tick-talk and tell your story to the world in 15 seconds.

 Your life gets more fun with Tick-Talk.  You live every moment of your life and always look for something new.  You can give a new color to your video with special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emoji stickers and music.

You cannot use your voice while making videos with tick-talk.  You have to 'lip-sync'.

 While on Facebook and Twitter, to get a 'blue tick', or to get their account verified, the common people have to struggle a lot, at the same time, the number of users having a verified account on tick-talk is very large.  And yes, it does not get 'blue tick' but 'orange tick'.

 People who get 'Orange Tick' see 'Popular Creator' written on their account.  Also, by looking at the account, it also shows how many 'Hearts' the user has received, that is, how many people have liked his videos so far.

There are some benefits of tick-talk too.  It has emerged as a good platform especially for villages and small towns.

 Many people are fulfilling their hobbies through this.  For example, if someone does a good comedy or does a good dance, then tick-talk is a good platform to show his talent.

 Not only this, many people are also earning money through this.  Sahil, who hails from Haryana, has 3,0,3200 followers on tick-talk.

 He told the BBC that through his videos, he gets up to Rs 3,000-5,000 per month.  Sahil wants his account verified and his followers reach 10 lakh.

 Umesh Mukhiya of Bihar still posts videos of his comedy on the Vigo app.  Through this, they earn up to about 5-10,000 rupees every month.

 In a conversation with BBC, Umesh said, "10,000 rupees means a lot to a poor person like me. Now I am thinking of trying a tick-talk too."

Sulabh Puri, editor of tech website 'Gadget Brides', says that after launching an app in a country, these companies hire people from different places.

 Usually people are hired who are good to watch, who have to do comedy, who have skills like singing or dancing.  They have to put some videos every day and in return they get some money.

 Apart from this, they also include film stars or those actors who are struggling or in the early stages of their career.  In this way, they also get money and a platform.  On the other hand, the company is also promoted.

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 Sulabh explains, "Apart from this, there is also a different model of revenue for the company and users. For example, if someone shows a Coca-Cola bottle in their video or shows a bottle of shampoo, then also through brand promotion.  Earned. "

 According to Rahul Sachan, the team lead of tech website 'Gizboat', if you talk about the earnings of the user, then it is decided by looking at the ratio of views, likes, comments and shares.

 Rahul says that nowadays most social media apps are paying more attention to 'engagement' and 'conversion' than views.  That is, the more people react to your video and the more people comment, the more likely your earnings will be.

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