Monday, November 9, 2020

Government decision 44 lakh ration cards canceled.

Government decision 44 lakh ration cards canceled.

The government cancelled 44 lakh ration cards | News :- The government has cancelled 43 lakh 90 thousands bogus and unrecorded ration cards of public distribution systems PDS. The government has taken this step so that the eligible beneficiaries can be given subsidized foodgrains on the basis on the national food security Act. Earlier in 2013, a large number of duplicate ration cards scams came to light.

◾️The government cancelled 44 lakh ration cards

◾️ Decision taken to give justice to right beneficiarie

◾️ Duplicate ration cards scams also came up in 2013

The official said the digitization of ration card has helped in making the public distribution system transferred and improved. "We also add new beneficiaries designated for each state and union territory at the time of removal of ineligible ration cards." He said.

◆Find out how many people will benefit from NFSA

About 81.35 crore people's benefit for NFSA. That is two thirds of country's population. About 800 million people currently received 5 kg of foodgrains per month under the prime minister's poor welfare food scheme. The government can expand the scheme. The scheme was launched in march 2020 to combat the corona epidemic.

◾️ cereals are available at very cheap price

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Based on NFSA, "we distribute 42 million tonnes of foodgrains at subsidized rates. The official said," 2 rupees per kg for wheat and 3 rupees per kg of rice. On the basis of PMGKAY. 32 million tonnes of free foodgrains are distributed every month. The distribution is based on both these Schemes in corona.

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