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 Download Saral data app teachers usfula application

Not only serious and detailed study is necessary to succeed in the Civil Services Preliminary Examination, but it is also important to understand what you do during those two hours during the exam, and how do you do it?  Therefore, it is very important to know how best time management, specific mental concentration and high brain activity are possible in those 2 hours.  Also, understanding the nature of the questions, it is also important to adopt a strategy to solve them quickly.  It is often seen that despite years and months of hard work and study, many students are not able to leave the exam building with the required confidence.  In the absence of better time-management, finally all their hard work goes down and they miss their best in the exam.  No matter how well prepared you are, you will win only when in the last 2 hours you will perform better and better than others.  Therefore, this issue needs special attention.

 Undoubtedly every candidate has his own strategy for two hours in the examination hall, but due to lack of experience (new candidate) and frequent tendency to repeat mistake (old candidate), most of the candidates are unable to perform as expected in the exam despite good preparation.  Huh.

 Although there are some common things in this context, which is likely to increase in your battlefield when implemented.  As you know there are two papers in the preliminary examination;  Paper-I ie General Studies and Paper-II ie CSAT.  But after the changes made in the preliminary examination, now the whole Daromdar is on Paper-I i.e. General Studies.  Paper-II ie CSAT has now been qualified.  Therefore, paper-1 i.e. general studies should be included as a priority in the strategy of the examinees.

 However, it is true that even a paper with CSAT should not be taken lightly.  However, the merit list has to be made on the basis of general study paper and the cut-off for this should also be decided on the basis of paper-I i.e. general study.  Therefore, the candidates need to pay more attention to what and how to do in 2 hours of Paper-1.

 The first and most important thing is time-management in the examination period of Paper-I i.e. General Studies.  By the way, time management is necessary for the betterment of human being in every sphere of life.  Since 'Examination' is another name for displaying your knowledge and skills in a certain time frame, time management is an essential aspect of the examination.

 The total number of questions in the Preliminary Examination General Studies paper is 100 which have to be solved in just 2 hours or 120 minutes.  In this context, the candidates get only 72 seconds of time for each question, while the complexity and depth of the preliminary examination questions are well known.

 In most questions 2-3 statements or facts are given initially, some of which are true and some are false.  After this, a combination of these statements / facts gives four options of complex nature, such as statement 1 and 3 are correct and statement 2 is false etc.

 The candidate has to black out the right circle in the answer sheet for it within 72 seconds by choosing the correct answer from these options.  In such a situation, there is a danger of the question being wrong, as well as due to difficult choices it takes more time to solve the questions.  Due to this many times students are not able to read the entire paper.  That is to say, the U.P.S.C.  The nature of questions is so deep and the choices are so complex that in the end time-management itself becomes a challenge.

 One way to deal with this challenge is to first solve the same questions which are within the range of knowledge of the examinee.  Questions which do not know the answers or which are unruly, should be left ticked and if time is left in the end, they should try to answer them, otherwise it is better to leave them.

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 The second way is to leave the greed to solve all the questions, and focus only on the questions related to the questions on the areas that have strong hold.  Yes, questions of other sections can be taken care of with time remaining.

 In this case, students should take care that they must choose at least so many sections which together cover 75-80 questions.  Even if the remaining few sections are left, it is not a problem.

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