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Diwali after education work will start in the school Gujarat

 Educational work will start in the school after Diwali in Gujarat


Gujarat Government Is Holding The Second Sem After Diwali Vacation

Primary Education Federation Anand District held a meeting with the District Supply Officer

 The National Federation of Education is a fan of the national ideology of protecting the interests of teachers, establishing values ​​with quality in education and social work through constructive activities.

 According to the news in Divya Bhaskar Newspaper on 1.11.20, the representatives of Anand District Supply Officer Shri Gopalbhai Bamania Saheb were interviewed by the representatives of Educational Federation Anand District.  In which it was introduced that ....

 The news in the newspapers is baseless.

 During the lockdown during the Corona epidemic, teachers risked their lives to do their best to deliver NFS grain and MDM grain to the beneficiaries.

 The teachers have also appealed to the government to give away the right to foodgrains to the needy.

 At the same time, it has been introduced that if a government employee has given NFS grains to the needy people around him, he has also done a service in the Corona epidemic.

 Under the guidance of Anand District Supply Officer's Office and MDM Deputy Collector's Office, the teachers of the district have always made efforts to make Anand district excellent in government work in the state which has also been noted at the state level.

 Respected Gopalbhai Bamania (Anand District Supply Officer and Deputy Collector) has listened to our presentation and appreciated the work of the teachers.  The news in Divya Bhaskar paper dated 1.11.20 is not supported by the office of the District Supply Officer and it is stated that as per the NFS Act, updation work is going on for the needy people to get food grains from the Government.  If any government employee / teacher's name is mistakenly left in the NFS list, it will be removed.

A 21-day Diwali vacation has started across the state on the occasion of Diwali. For the first time, schools without students were run in Corona and online education was provided online.  The classrooms and school grounds in the school were empty without students.

Diwali holidays are very special for children, it is more important for the children of Gujarat.  Because in Gujarat, there are three weeks of holidays during Diwali.  Like all holidays, these holidays also bear the burden of homework on the heads of the children, but this time schools are trying their best to make the holidays a child's development and a strong human being.  For this, children are being given creative homework.

Diwali Homework For Std 6 to 8 Gujarati 

Inform the principals of all schools about writing Hese vacation as well as from the completion of a written essay by each of the students on the first day they will gather out of his treatise to the district level distinguishable from the best essays. From this level of instruction, the schools are circulated and informed about the procedure of procedure. Joint Director of Education Secondary Gu. Right? Gandhinagar

Homework For std 8

All Administrators, principals, teachers, administrative staff, guardians and students of all secondary schools of the state registered at Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar, All are informed that the application for free examination of the Board of Public Examination with the Board of ssc Exam Standard 10 and Sanskrit Language 

Many schools are writing letters to parents to let the children play barefoot in the dust in the village, so that the children can rise up in life and scramble to become rough  Children are being told to go to public places like hospitals, gram panchayats, old age homes, police stations and see what kind of problems are happening there.

Even though there are many PDFs of homework for Diwali vacation, this PDF is very good. So download it


Diwali Gruhkarya 2019

Reference: Hon. According to the instructions of the Director, under sub-jurisprudence and reference, the students studying in all the schools under your control "subject to Diwali Vacation" during their Diwali vacation, so that students can learn about cultural reproduction, preservation of brotherly culture and their innovative ideas in India. 

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