Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Unlock 5.0 guidelines

Unlock 5.0 guidelines

 Cases of coronavirus are on the rise in the country.  In such a situation, doubts have arisen regarding the opening of Unlock 5.0 School College.  Meanwhile, schools have been partially reopened in many states of the country since September 21, though schools are still closed in most states.  Along with the state governments, the parents of the children are also unable to take any concrete decision regarding sending their children to school due to the increasing cases of Corona virus.

 Unlock rules can be set in the 5.0 guideline

 In most states, children are still dependent on online classes.  It is now hoped that the government can lay down some rules in the Unlock 5.0 guideline for smooth opening of school colleges.

Instructions were issued in August

 This is the fourth step to unlock after the lockdown in India after the Corono virus.  In August, the Unlock Guideline was released by the Central Government.  In this guideline, it was said to open schools for students from class 9th to 12th.  The government, while laying down certain rules, also made it clear that no student will be forced to go to school during the Corona Pandemic.

 Fifth step to unlock after lockdown

 It was also said that if students have to go to the school for advice from teachers, then they must first get permission from their parents in writing.  Now as soon as October starts, the country will enter the fifth phase of unlock.  The central government may soon issue a guideline regarding unlock 5.0.  However, right now the rising cases of Corona are the biggest obstacle in the way of opening a school college and for this reason parents are also not in favor of opening the school.

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 These can be rules

 It is believed that if the government allows the school to be opened in Unlock 5.0, then more than one separate gate will have to be arranged for the entry and exit of the children.  No more than 20 students will be allowed in a class.  Students will not be allowed to share their lunch box with the closets.  However in Unlock 5.0 it will be clear that children will be able to go to school from October 1 or will have to wait a few months more.

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