Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gujarat pakshik download


Gujarat pakshik download

The Gujarat government is going to launch a special scheme to provide interest-free loans to promote self-employment in women during the Kovid-19 epidemic.  The scheme will begin on September 17, the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  According to the statement issued by the state government, under the Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana (MMKS), a loan of one lakh rupees will be given to women self-help groups (SHGs) with 10 members each.  The government will bear whatever interest is there on the loan.

 SHGs will be given help

 According to the statement, under the scheme, a total of one lakh self-help groups will be assisted.  It will have self-help groups from 50,000 urban areas to 50,000 urban areas.  According to the statement, "The Gujarat government has decided to introduce the scheme with the intention of encouraging women to self-employment.  Under this, loans will be given without interest.  The scheme will enable women to become self-reliant and help their families during the corono virus epidemic. "

Help will be provided in both urban and rural areas

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 Gujarat Ruralhood Promotion Company will implement Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana in rural areas of the state.  While in urban areas, the Gujarat Urban Livelihood Mission will have this responsibility.  Under this scheme, women will be helped to start employment from their home.  For this, agreements with banks and other lenders will be signed soon.

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