Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Today's newspaper

 Today's newspaper 

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If we say this about the newspaper that it is our first need of the morning, then it will not be wrong.  There are some of us who do not like to drink morning tea without reading newspapers.  Remember the second day of Deepawali and Holi when in the absence of newspaper, our morning is lonely.  These are two or three days in a year, when we do not receive the morning newspaper, otherwise we receive our newspaper in a very disciplined manner every morning on all other days.  Whether it is a rainy night or a cold morning, we get our newspaper at the threshold of our home with the latest news.

Became a weapon of independence: When the British ruled, the public was helpless, fed up with the British oppression. nor was anyone reducing their sorrows.  In such a situation, the articles given by the revolutionaries in the newspapers of that time became a source of enthusiasm in the people and filled them with new vigor.

Today's newspaper 

Divya Bhaskar
Gujarat Samachar
Gujarat Samachar e-Paper
Sandesh e-Paper
Bombay Samachar
Jai Hind
Gujarat Mitra
Nav Gujarat Samay
Aaj Kaal
Gujarat Today
Sardar Gurjari
Kutch Mitra
Aankho Dekhi
Sanj Samachar

 Information about foreign countries: There are many news channels in which every news is broadcast, but still newspapers have their own identity.  Reading newspapers daily and receiving news from abroad, is an important part of people's lives.

 Means of entertainment: Nowadays newspapers have special things for entertainment along with news.  There are many things in newspapers Bollywood Bollywood, Kahaniya, which is special for entertainment.  In today's time, many good and big newspapers give small copies along with the main newspaper, which becomes a means of entertainment.

 Giving a distinct identity to the game: We sit at home, in which field, who achieved what achievement and immediately got to know.  We get instant news about any sport, whether it is cricket or tennis.  Along with giving us information, this news also fills the minds of the players.  These news give a distinct identity to both the player and the game.

 Useful for children: Newspapers have also started focusing on their child readers.  They organize different types of competitions for them along with different magazines.  With which they get many information along with their entertainment, as well as reading habits also increases.

 Information about things through advertisement: Through the advertisement published in newspapers, we can get many information like jobs, marriage.  Nowadays we get instant news in newspapers about any new item, whether it is mobile or car or anything related to kitchen, and we get information about these things and their price.

 Information of government schemes: Any government scheme, whether changes have been made or new launches have been made, information about it is available in the newspapers immediately.  So that we can know and take advantage of it.

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