Thursday, September 24, 2020

Standard 7 September month unit test paper


Standard 7 September month unit test paper

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Satish Dwivedi, Minister of State for Basic Education, who visited Gorakhpur, inspected Basic Education, AD Basic Office, Diet Campus and Kasturba Gandhi Residential School.  Arrived at Gorakhpur at 12 noon, Mr. Dwivedi first inspected the Office of Basic Education Officer.  During the inspection, Project Officer Ranjana Gupta and Clerk Kamini Singh were found absent without information.  On the absence of both, Mr. Dwivedi instructed them to withhold one day's salary.

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 After inspection, Dr. Satish Dwivedi said that in view of the transition of Kovid-19, the decision to open council schools will be made after reviewing the situation.  The guideline of the center will be followed.  After the opening of higher and secondary schools in the state, the last of the council schools will be opened for reading.

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Minister of State for Basic Education Dr. Satish Dwivedi reached the metropolis on Wednesday to attend the BJP meeting.  The Minister of State for Basic Education present in the circuit house suddenly decided to inspect the departmental offices in the afternoon.  There was a stir among the officers regarding this.  The Minister of State for Basic Education oversaw the BSA office.  BSA BN Singh had gone to Allahabad to defend the case.  Here, Dr. Dwivedi got information about departmental work from District Coordinator Vivek Jaiswal and Deepak Patel.  He reached every table and talked to the employees.  He asked about various plans including mid-day meal and rejuvenation.  Inspecting the roof of the BSA office, seeing its dilapidated condition, he asked to send a proposal for its repair.  Regarding waterlogging in front of the Basic Education Department Office, the Minister said that it will be resolved soon.  During the inspection, he instructed to stop his salary when absentee project officer Ranjana Gupta and clerk Kamini Singh were absent.

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