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September Unit test Preparation video std 7 subject 2020

 September Unit test Preparation video std 7 subject  2020

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There is a process in which the inspector does not need to be in the examination center himself.  He can see the students taking the exam on different screens on his computer.

 This process is done with the help of web cameras and the Internet.  Its advantages are listed in the list below.

1. Easy Management:

 It is very important to have an inspector in the traditional tests.  An inspector monitors about 30 to 50 candidates during an examination.  But there are many problems in this.

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 For more than 1000 students you will need more than 25 inspectors.  Apart from that, the inspector has to travel to the examination center.  These problems can be solved by online proctoring.  With the help of this technology, there is no need for physical proctoring.

 Meeting of inspectors at the time of examination depends on their availability.  It is not possible for many teachers to go to the examination centers.

 Due to this technology, inspectors do not have to go to the examination centers.  He can sit anywhere and observe with the help of internet and computer.

 Similarly, students will not be required to travel for miles.  He will be able to give his test sitting at home.

 2. Exam centers are not required:

 It is very difficult for colleges to find examination centers near the candidates.  It is also a different problem to convey information related to it to students.

 Online proctoring eliminates all these problems.  Colleges do not need an examination center.  Because of this, their expenses are also saved.

 3. Scheduling of Examination:

 In traditional examinations, students have to decide their time and place.  This increases the possibility of mistakes and misunderstandings.  You also have to take care of holidays.

 Due to online proctoring, all these problems are solved.  In this process everything is controlled by technology and web cameras.

 4. Examination Safety:

 If there is an inspector in the examinations, then students get unprecedented opportunities to cheat.  Many times, other people come to the place of the student and give the exam.

 Online proctoring is a very good way to eliminate all this.  During online proctoring, students are photographed and video is also recorded.

  If a student is caught cheating, then the exam inspector can finish the same time.  Because of this online proctoring is very safe.

 The wonders of science are very amazing.  Now the time has come that we should also take advantage of this in the field of education.  Only then will we be able to develop inclusive.

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