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September Unit test Preparation video std 5 subject 2020

 September Unit test Preparation video std 5 subject  2020

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Board examination is being resumed in class X in the upcoming academic session.  There were churns in various components regarding the examination and it was decided that due to fear of examination and lack of examination, the urge to read in children is decreasing.  The sense of responsibility has decreased more than Ardor.  It is a matter of fact that in the last ten years, when the examination system was abolished, the complaint of the teacher class was that the natural attachment and commitment of the children towards education, reading and learning has been reduced.  Ever since the children came to know that they could not fail, the children stopped taking education and teachers seriously.  The children started saying on their mouths that they failed and show it.  Can't fail us now.  This fear is also justified to a large extent.  As soon as the fear of examination in the children was over, there was a lack of natural tendency towards reading and writing.  The question also arises that why are we bringing the exam again, why not rethink the form of the exam as well.  What type of questions, nature of questions etc. will be there.  If the examination will be taken for information rewriting only, then it has to be declared as a single overall development.

Role: Every year millions of students take the board examination.  Many types of examinations are conducted in schools and colleges.  If you want to enroll in a good school or college, you have to take the exam, if you want to get some kind of job, then you have to take the exam, if you want to enroll in a course, you have to take the exam.

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 There are many forms of examinations.  But we are familiar with only one exam which is completed by answering some questions in writing.  God took Abraham's test.  The angels are nervous in the name of examination, but man has to take the test again and again.

What is an exam: An exam is actually used to know someone's ability, quality and ability.  The test is used to check for pure-impure or quality-defect.  The vertex of our education system is considered as examination.  Whatever is taught in all schools and colleges, the aim is to make students successful in the examination.

 The test that is normally taken in schools is the annual examination.  When the examinations are taken at the end of the year, their answer book shows their ability.  No other measures have been found so far to check the eligibility of the students, hence their merit is ascertained from the annual examination itself.  The memory of students can also be tested by examinations.

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