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September Unit test Preparation video std 4 subject 2020

 September Unit test Preparation video std 4 subject  2020

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The market philosophy demands a deep academic thought when it begins to operate and constitute the nature of education and examination of today's children.  There is also a need to bring the market to the center of discourse with the nature of education and examination.  Whenever the exams come, they bring with them market advice, shops of Raibhadur.  For example, what to eat, how much to sleep, what diet to take, which books to help, etc.  Experts start bombarding their opinions in newspaper pages and news channels.  But the need to consider is whether those opinions get any or any help to the children.  Parents, parents have particular concern about what their child will do after twelfth.  Which course will you go to?  How many marks will come?  e.t.c.  This question arises when our children are seen spending time in front of us.  Our concern is also how their child will cope with the coming days and challenges.

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Today's education actually crosses the examinations but it is not possible to pass the understanding.  Think of it as such that when the tenth, twelfth or graduated children are given to write some prose, then their language leaves.  Not only do they face difficulties at the linguistic level, but ideologically they also have a lot of trouble.  If we examine the reasons behind this, you will find that the examination that goes along with education teaches them to solve only objective questions.  By answering multiple-choice questions, the eighty-ninety percent limit is easily crossed.  But when it comes to interpretation or writing in his own words, then he has a lot of trouble because he was not given any training.  If we remember the year, before 2006, the CBSE question papers used to be subjective in nature.  Which means writing essays, interpretation, comment etc.  But after 2006 all the question papers were objectified.  What language and what other subjects.  Entry of objective questions in the field of education proved to spoil the subjective understanding of the child in a way.  For example, children bring more than ninety marks in the language but cannot write even a passage correctly.

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Examination which is bigger than education should also be tested what kind of educational understanding and values ​​we want to test in the name of examination.  Are we aiming to retrieve objective questions, ie, some rote facts, figures, information or documents, or are we looking to understand the contextual analysis of the implications, the interpretation of read information?  The objective of the examination should be clear only then we will be able to give proper results to the children from the examination.

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