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September Unit test Preparation video std 8 subject 2020

 September Unit test Preparation video std 8 subject  2020

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Examination and examination can be expressed as the following - Examination is the most popular method of evaluation.  Though we have examinations in every sphere of life and at every turn, but examination has a special significance in the field of education.  To explore children's aptitude, interest and attitudes and to see what changes have occurred in children's behavior (cognitive, functional and emotional) as a result of education.  We ask some such questions in oral or written form to the children and based on the answers to these questions, we check the changes in the interest, interest, aptitude and behavior of the children.  We get the children to work to check the skills.  This method is called examination.  In Western countries today, the term testing is often used for this action.  Some scholars make the mistake of understanding little difference between examination and examination.  He says that the test is limited to the measurement of children's educational aptitude and the test also measures children's intelligence and personality, but the reality is that there is no such difference between them.  Today we use both these words for the same verb.

 For example intelligence test or intelligence test has the same meaning.  The fact is that in Western countries today the term Examination has been replaced with Testing and still in our country it is called Examination, but in writing both the term Examination and Testing  Are being used.

Standard 8 videos


 Standard 8 videos


 Test and measurement

 Often people use examination and measurement in one sense, but it is unfair.  Measurement is an essential part of assessment and examination is a method of measurement.  Changes in children's interest, interest, aptitude and behavior are not only measured by examination, but they also have many other methods, such as Observation, Interview and Records.  These are what we call Evaluation Technique.  Thus measurement is a broad term and examination is one of its many methods.  Measurement is a step of assessment and examination is a method of measurement.

 Examination and evaluation

 Another misconception regarding the exam is in using it in place of assessment.  Often people use examination and evaluation in the same sense.  This is also a flawed assumption.  Examination is a method of assessment, not self-assessment.  Through the exam, we measure children's interest, interest and aptitude and examine the changes in their behavior through teaching, while in assessment we first determine and explain the educational purpose and after taking the exam  Interpret the results and interpret it based on certain criteria.  Since today is not only measured by examinations, but children's divisions are also decided on the basis of certain criteria and classifications are also done on the basis of their achievements, which in fact evaluation  ), So people make the mistake of understanding examination and evaluation as one.

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