Friday, September 25, 2020

September month unit test paper

 September month unit test paper

Men topic

The directorate has been assigned to government schools in Delhi to be run under the Directorate of Education.  Under this, the Directorate of Education has approved 19 new subjects for 62 government schools.

 The new subjects covered by the Directorate in 62 schools will be applicable only from the academic session 2020-21.  Under this, students will be able to choose these subjects from this session.  In this regard, the directorate has issued an order directing school heads to complete formalities related to the recognition of additional subject from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

 Will start in higher secondary classes

 The Directorate of Education has introduced new subjects for the students of the higher secondary classes of the 62 schools that are operating under it.  In such a situation, students studying in 11th and 12th classes can choose these subjects.


  1. Unit Test Hindi Medium
  2. Unit Test Marathi Medium
  3. Unit Test Tamil Medium
  4. Unit Test Telugu Medium
  5. Unit Test Oriya Medium
  6. Unit Test Urdu Medium

These topics are

 Computer Science, History, Painting, Sociology, Music, Geography, Urdu Elective, Sanskrit, Information Practice, Home Science, Fine Art, Punjabi Elective, Punjabi, Psychology, Commercial Art, Hindustani Music Vocal, Physical Education, Annecy, Sanskrit Core

 Computer Science in more than 25 schools

 The Directorate of Education is introducing 19 new subjects in 62 schools.  In this, computer science subjects are going to start in more than 25 schools.  At the same time, the subject of Sociology and Information Practice is being started in more schools.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given the facility to read the skill subject from 9th to 12th.  But most schools in Bihar, including the capital, do not teach skill subjects.  After the tenth result, many schools in the capital have also expressed their desire to take up the subject, but the school refused.  In many schools, students have also demanded to start studies.

 CBSE has been running the skill subject from 9th to 12th for many years.  Earlier it used to run under the name of vocational course.  For the last two years, it has been going on as a skill topic.  In 2019, the board gave the facility to change the main subject from the skill subject in the 10th board.  That is, a student who has a skill subject as an additional subject and fails in any of his main three subjects, then he can be replaced with a skill subject and he will pass the exam.  According to the CBSE, giving this facility in 10th had a positive effect on the result.  The schools where students took the skill subject and passed even after failing in the main one subject, because the score of the skill subject was changed from their less scored subject.

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