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Samaj Kalyan Yojana

 Samaj Kalyan Yojana

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Fulfilling the needs of every person of the society in a proper manner so that he can lead a happy and satisfying life is the prime objective of the welfare state.  To implement effective services on a wide scale, a collective effort of planning, directing, coordination and control is made.  In order to provide social services to social work, it is also necessary that social workers are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills.  The services can be made more effective by using this knowledge and skills to the worker for the administrative and leadership skills required in providing social work services.  Therefore, it is necessary that social workers should be provided with a systematic knowledge and technical skills.

Concept of social welfare administration

 Social Welfare Administration as a system of social work provides the workers with knowledge and skills for effective services.  Although social welfare administration is considered a secondary system of social work, social welfare administration is required to provide service to the first three primary systems, personal service work, collective service work, and service to the community organization.  Social Welfare Administration is meant for the general public and the administration of community services such as health, housing education and enrollment.  It is considered as a synonym for social service administration.

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 Nature of Social Welfare Administration

 Social welfare administration is both science and art.  As a science it has systematic knowledge which makes use of services more effective.  Its following elements as science are planning, organization, recruitment of personnel, direction, coordination, report, budget and evaluation.  Many skills and techniques are used in social welfare administration in the form of art, as a result of which it is possible to provide appropriate services.  The following are the main features of Social Welfare Administration: -

 Administration is a process carried out to complete tasks.  In social welfare administration, services like health, education, traffic, housing, sanitation, medical, etc. are made effective.

 The structure of social welfare administration consists of a high-low institutional system.  According to the status of employees, their work and powers are determined.

 Leadership decision making ability, power, communication etc. are the major part of the administrative process.

Social welfare administration is basically related to the following activities: -

 To achieve the social goals of the state, to set a policy so that the manpower working in the organization can work in an integrated manner.

 To outline the organizational structure for effective provision of services.

 Managing resources, staff and necessary procedures.

 Managing human resources with necessary knowledge and skills.

 To perform the activities that can achieve the goal in the most satisfactory manner.

 Creating an environment where mutual reconciliation and intensification increases and employees feel happy during the working process.

 Continuously evaluate the work to be done

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