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online home loan calculator

  online home loan calculator

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Banks first see if you will be able to repay the home loan on time.  Every month, the more money comes in your hands, the amount of your home loan will increase.

 Usually, a bank or lending company sees whether you will be able to give 50 percent of the monthly income as a home loan installment.

 The loan amount also depends on the term and interest rate of the home loan.  Apart from this, banks also fix the upper age limit for home loan.

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SBI bank home loan calculator

How much home loan can you take?

 10-20 percent of the price of a house or flat has to be paid down.  This is your own contribution.

 After this, a home loan is available for 80-90 percent of the value of the property.  

 Even if the lending institution approves you more in the form of a home loan, it is not necessary that you take the entire amount as a loan.

 While purchasing the property, you should make maximum down payment so that the loan burden is minimized.  The bank that gives the loan on home loan charges a lot of interest from you in the long term, keep this in mind.

 Is an applicant required for a home loan?

 Yes, in most cases co-applicant is required.  If the property is in the name of two people, then it is also necessary to be involved in a home loan in that case.  If you are the owner of the property, then anyone in your family can be an applicant.

What documents are required for approval of home loan?

 The home loan application form has a checklist of documents to be attached along with it.  With this, you have to put a photo.

 From the legal documents of buying a house, the bank has to give you a salary slip (verified from office and attested manually) along with identity and residence proof and till the last six months statement of the bank with Form 16 or Income Tax Return.

 Some institutions offering home loans also ask for mortgage of life insurance policy, share papers, NSC, mutual fund unit, bank deposit or other investment papers.

 What is a Home Loan sanctioned and issued?

 According to the papers given by you, the banks decide to give you a home loan or not.  The amount of home loan also depends on it.

 If the bank has accepted your application and has decided to give a home loan accordingly, then the statement letter contains information about the amount, duration and interest rates of the home loan.  It contains information about the condition of the loan.

 When the amount of home loan actually comes in your hand, then it is called disbursement.  This actually happens after the technical, legal and valuation processes are completed.

 You can decide to take a home loan less than the amount that is in the selection letter.  While getting a home loan, you have to give allotment letter, photocopy of title deed, cell agreement and certificate of acceptance.

 Your loan is charged from the day on which the loan amount came into your hands.

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