Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October month home learning timetable standard 6 and 8


October month  home learning timetable standard 6 and 8

Time is the most precious thing on earth, it cannot be compared to anyone.  Once it's gone, it never comes back.  It always moves forward in a straight direction and not backward.  Everything in this world depends on time, nothing happens ahead of time.  Anything needs some time to do

If we do not have time, we have nothing.  Wasting time is considered the worst thing on this earth because, waste of time ruins us and our future.  We can never regain wasted time.  If we are wasting our time, then we are destroying everything.

Some people value their wealth more than time, however, the truth is that there is nothing more valuable than time.  It is time, which gives us wealth, prosperity and happiness, however, nothing can give time in this world.  Time can only be used;  No one can buy or sell time.  Many people are living their lives meaningfully.  They only use the time to eat, play or do other lazy actions with their friends.

 In this way they spend days and years.  They never think about what they are doing, how they are doing, etc.  Even, they do not repent of wasting time wrongly and never feel sorry for it.  Indirectly, they lose a lot of their money and even more important time, which they can never get back.

 We should be motivated by the success of others while learning from the mistakes of others.  We should use our time to do some useful work so that, time gives us prosperity, not waste.

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