Friday, September 25, 2020

Mukhyamantri maa Vatsalya Yojana

 Mukhyamantri maa Vatsalya Yojana

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 How to avail the benefits of "Maa" and "Maa Vatsalya" scheme and where and how you can get complete information about it

Under this scheme, the fixed expenses to the beneficiaries are paid to the government recognized hospital.  Beneficiaries with "mother" and "vastya" cards can avail treatment by visiting a recognized hospital.

Toll free number is 1800-233-1022.

 Chief Minister Amritam “Maa” and Maa Vatsal Yojana, the scheme is based on health insurance, no other insurance company is involved.  For critical illness, the family is given free treatment up to Rs.2,00,000 / - (Rupees two lakhs) annually.

 Under this scheme, the best type of treatment is provided for a total of 628 diseases such as cardiac, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, brain diseases, serious injuries, accidents, severe infants and cancer infections.

 How to take advantage of "Maa" scheme

 For this, your name has to be in the BPL list, you can register the names of five family members and get the mother card, which you will have to visit the nearby taluka kiosk.

 How to take advantage of "Maa Vasalya" scheme

 If your annual income is Rs. 2,50,000 or less, then you will get income certificate from the below mentioned authorities.  After getting the income certificate, you can register the names of five family members and get the Maa Vatsalya card, which you will have to visit at the nearby taluka kiosk.

 District Collector, District Development Officer, Deputy Collector or Regional Officer, Deputy District Development Officer Taluka Mamlatdar / City Mamlatdar Taluka Development Officer, Deputy Mamlatdashree |

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