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Khelo India online training babat


Khelo India online training babat

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India is a multi-talented country in the field of sports, but India has not yet succeeded in achieving a high position in sports other than cricket and hockey.  Although there is no shortage of talent in our country, it is very challenging for the players to perform well in the absence of proper system.  Therefore, they fail to achieve high rank in the world class competitions.  Due to all these problems, many Indian athletes perform very well.  You will get information about registration form, games list, result, team in Khelo India Youth Games in this article.

(Khelo India Program Information)

 From which year will it be implemented - Although this scheme has been implemented by the government since 2017, but the government is working to promote the scheme even more from 2017-18 to 2019-20.  Because of which not only athletes but an attempt is being made to create a new structure of sports in the country.

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 To promote sports in the country - Except for one or two sports in our country, the future looks less in other sports than in some countries.  If we talk about the villagers, a small number of people want to make their career in sports, and the talent of our country completely fails to come out.  Due to this, the image of the country is very slow to improve at the international level, through this program, the government will provide excellent facilities to all those athletes who want to get out of poor families and make their future in sports.  Due to this scheme, the conditions of sports in the country can be better.

 Number of players to be included in this scheme - The number of players has been fixed recently by the Ministry of Sports, 1000 which will be provided only to select players who have the ability.  With the help of which all these players will be able to give a new place to their skills.

 Time limit for getting scholarship - The government has arranged to give this scholarship to the players selected under this program for 8 years.  If seen, this time is enough for any player to improve his talent, this scheme will act as a cornerstone for any sports man.

 Arrangement for Sport Scholarship - This scholarship will be given to the players to meet their food related physical supplies and sports equipment.  Under this, an amount of up to 5 lakh will be spent on a player every year.

 To strengthen the future of the players - Under this scheme, the government will prepare such players, who have the power to expose the country's talent at the international level, for this money will also be given by the government.  However, the main goal of the Indian government is not just to promote athletes, but to spread the importance of sports throughout the country.

 To provide equal opportunities to women - With the help of this scheme, women will be helped in every way to participate in sports since childhood.  In this, both boys and girls will be given the opportunity to refine their talent since their childhood.  The girls of our country will also get a new identity from this program.

 University for training - The ministry will select 20 universities for sports training, which will run sports training as well as education related courses i.e. the government is working to benefit the players from both sides.

 Preventing youth from choosing the wrong future - Due to the lack of facilities in our country, many youngsters choose their careers out of their talent under compulsion.  This is often seen mostly in rural and backward areas, due to which the country and society are affected.  Not only this, this talent which is useful for the country is not able to come out and even these young people are not able to do anything good in their future.  Therefore, the government will help youngsters choose the right path with this scheme.

 To boost the thinking of competition - the Central Government will identify such schools, which will prepare the best players for their country.

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